Revision history for Run-Parts

0.09    2015-08-18 02:23:22+0200

        Replace Modern::Perl with "use 5.010;" + strict and warnings.
        Drop perlcritic.rc.

        Add release test to verify 5.010 compatibility (for now).

        Polish README a little bit.

        Move release tests to xt/release and drop %ENV checking code.

        Require Test::Warnings >= 0.005 for "warnings".

        Replace individual xt/release/kwalitee.t with

0.08    2014-09-11 16:57:00+02:00

        Fix dist.ini to exclude emacs style backup files (except in
        the test data directory) as well as the cover_db.

        Hack around RT#66485 to be able to use done_testing() together
        with Test::NoWarnings. Also fixes number of skipped tests in
        t/basic-functionality.t on non-debianoid platforms.

        Fix Author vs Release test in t/manifest.t's skip message.

        Only run t/changes.t if $RELEASE_TESTING is set.

        Update t/win-*.t skip messages to in line with the others.

        Add a Test::Kwalitee based test.

0.07    2014-09-10 00:33:03+02:00

        Add test that the change log conforms to CPAN::Changes::Spec.

        Convert dates in change log to conform with

        Require CPAN::Changes >= 0.23 for running the test suite.

        Switch to Dist::Zilla (with ExtUtils::MakeMaker) instead of
        Module::Build. Remove convenience Makefile.

        Fix Perl::Critic warning "Don't modify $_ in list functions"

        Consider Modern::Perl as ok for

        Use Travis CI for smoke testing and for coverage

        Fix passing backends as reference. Add test for that.

        Use "use_ok" instead of "use" in all tests.

        Drop unreachable else clause while listing the directory

        Simplify condition in Run::Parts::Debian::run_parts_command.

        Further new tests added:
        + Verify behaviour upon unknown backend parameter.
        + Verify that chomped_lines and lines die if called like a method.
        + Alternative backend names (module=perl, run-parts=debian)

0.06    2013-07-22 20:47:16+02:00

        Bump Module::Build requirement to 0.4004 for test_requires.

        Remove all environment variables listed as relevant for taint
        mode in perlsec(1) from the affected tests.

0.05    2013-07-21 17:56:01+02:00

        Fix test skipping numbers in t/basic-functionality.t.

        Documentation deduplication.

0.04    2013-07-10 19:55:57+02:00

        New method concat.

        New helper module Run::Parts::Common.

        Run::Parts::Perl now works properly on DOS-ish platforms

        Some refactoring which pulls in new dependencies.

0.03    2013-07-05 21:01:59+02:00

        Run::Parts has been split up into frontend and backend

        A pure Perl backend module has been added.

        Run::Parts now can either choose the appropriate backend
        itself or use a given backend.

0.02    2013-06-08 20:04:53+02:00

	Skip functionality tests if /bin/run-parts is not there or not

	Add POD encoding to make Test::Pod happy

	State in Build.PL that the test suite needs Test::Differences and
	that Run::Parts itself needs Perl >= 5.10.

        Disable Makefile.PL compatibility.

0.01    2013-06-07 20:26:57+02:00

        Initial release. More or less a proof of concept.