Revision history for DTDParse

2.00  Jul 16, 2005
      (Earl Hood, earl<AT>earlhood<DOT>com)

      This is the first non-beta release of the rewrite of dtdparse
      0.97.  The following highlights changes from beta releases:

      - The package root namespace has changed from XML:: to
	SGML::.  This was mainly done to avoid conflicts and confusion
	with numerous XML:: modules on CPAN (including the closely
	named XML::DTDParser).	Also, DTDParse does support SGML DTDs
	and XML is a formal subset of SGML, so using SGML:: seems

      - The release contains several bug fixes from last beta release
	along with added documentation: POD has been added for all
	scripts and a general overview documentation is provided via
	the meta-module SGML::DTDParse.

	Documentation is still needed for the main modules.

      - A new script, dtddiff (along with dtddiff2html) has been
	added that performs a context-like diff between two parsed

      - dtdparse script modified to behave more like common Unix
	programs with respect to input and output.  If no DTD
	filename is provided on the command-line, the DTD will
	be read from standard-input.  If --output is not specified,
	then XML output is sent to standard-out.  This change
	allows dtdparse to be used in a command pipeline.

      - Files have been reorganized to facilitate installation via
	Perl's standard installation process.  See README for details.

      - Version numbering modified to match style used by Perl modules:
	2.0.0 => 2.00.

      - DTDParse is now distributed under the Artistic License
	or the GNU General Public License.  See README, Artistic,

      - Miscellaneous bug fixes.

      - Primary maintenance of DTDParse has been transitioned from
	Norman Walsh to Earl Hood.

$Id: Changes,v 2.2 2005/07/16 03:30:24 ehood Exp $