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Revision history for SMS-Send-UK-Kapow

0.06    2 February 2009
        The send_sms method, if using http/s to interact with Kapow, now waits up to 10
          seconds per message while attempting to confirm that the message was actually
          delivered to the user. This is in accordance with the SMS::Send specification. 
          You can override this behaviour by supplying a false value to the new '_wait'
          parameter to either new() or send_sms(). Whether or not you use _wait, you can
          'manually' check the delivery status of any message sent using http/s by 
          calling the delivery_status method.
        Added missing dependency on SMS::Send::Driver.

0.05    29 January 2009 
        Default HTTP method changed from get to post.
        Changes to number processing to avoid duplication of work already done by Send::SMS.

0.04    29 January 2009 (not released)
        Renamed send_status method to delivery_status, with an alias for compatibility.
        The _from_id and _route params can now be set per message as well as per object.
        Don't translate '07' to '447' anymore before sending, as it's not required by Kapow.
        Added META.yml file.

0.03    28 January 2009 (not released)
        Both MIME::Lite and LWP::UserAgent are now required.

0.02    25 January 2009
        Doc fix and require MIME::Lite for email.

0.01    23 January 2009
        First version.