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Revision history for Perl extension OS2::SOM.

0.01  Fri Oct 22 20:05:13 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-A -fn OS2::SOM -v 0.01

??!!	Calling non-existing SOM method is a fatal error?!
	Only primitive types of parameters and return value are supported.
	Only in-parameters are supported.
	No memory management is done at all.
	Exception is not analysed.
	SOM Objects have type SOMObjectPtr, SOM Classes have type SOMClassPtr.
	Methods may be dispatched only when a signature is explicitely
	Only local SOM is supported.
	Tested with SOMObjects 2.0 on OS/2 with EMX only.
	Renamed to SOM.

	Give TOOLKIT=p:/ath/to/toolkit option to MakeMaker.

	Support DSOM.
	Environment supported (to some extent).

	Calling non-existing SOM method supported now.
	Separate DSOM part and Repository part into a separate .xs files.
	Remove -fomit-frame-pointer flag if present (probably gcc2.8.1 bug).
	Better docs.

	tk_objref supported (not in `any', on input no check on subclass).
	Constants for SOMD specific $^E errors.
	SOMObject::IDL class added; has all the SOMObject methods which do not
	  take va_list (basically, without *Dispatch).
	Startup of DSOM much more reliable (in tests).
	Include animals.dll and ORXSMP.IR for testing purposes.
	Autodeduce location of the toolkit if URE is installed in the
	  toolkit, or ObjectUtility is registered.

0.05	???
0.06	Better auto-detection of the toolkit location, add PERL_POLLUTE.
	t/animal.t and t/wrong_method.t put a dir on SOMIR instead of a file.
0.0601  Do not shutdown servers during tests unless $ENV{PERLTEST_SHUTDOWN_SERVERS};
	Change DIST_DEFAULT to zipdist.