NAME - Creates the pages for a calendar in SVG format


This documentation refers to version 0.3.14.

SYNOPSIS [option] --date {see below} [--verbose | --VERSION | --help | --man]

  -o --out=str   The base file name when out putting multiple months
  -d --date      Parameters that control the months displaied on the
    start=YYYY-MM   Start month
    end=YYYY-MM     End month
    year=YYYY       Year to base the whole calendar on (Default next year)
    month=YYYY-MM   Display only this month
  -m --moon      Moon parameters
    display=1       Display the moon on individual days
    quarters=1|0    Show only whole quarters
    vpos=top|bottom Specifies which quadrent the moon should appear in
    hpos=left|right as above
    xoffset=num     Precisly set the x position of moon
    yoffset=num     Precisly set the y position of moon
    radius=n%       The radius as a percentage of day box width
    image=url       An image of the moon to use as the fill background of
                    the moon
  -c --ical      ICal parameters
  -p --page      Specify a page type or a height or width of the page
    page=A0..A6     The page type
    height=size     The page height (with optional units)
    width=size      The page width (with optional units)
  -i --image     Specifies the images to be displayed on the calendar
    src=file        This image will be used for any image with out a specific
                    month image.
    dir=directory   Finds images in the directory named after the months
                    (eg 01-12 or January-December)
    YYYY-MM=file    Use this image for the specified month
  -h --height    The height on the page that the calendar shoud take up.
                 Either a fraction or a percent (Default 50%)
  -C --config    Location of the configuration file (Default ~/.svgcal)
  -P --path=template path
                 Specify a colon seperated path to find templates in
  -t --template=template_dir
                 The name of a template directory to use instead of the
                 default templates (expects to find a template there called
  -s --save      Save any other command line options to your config file
                 Displays the default template used by SVG::Calendar,
                 this is useful if you want to change the default template

  -v --verbose   Show more detailed option
     --version   Prints the version information
     --help      Prints this help information
     --man       Prints the full documentation for


This script provides a command line interface to the SVG::Calendar library. Most of the functionality is exposed here.


To make configuration using this tool options can be saved to thee ~/.svgcal file. The format of the configuration file is similar to INI files. The easiest way to start using the configuration file is once you have set up the options that you like use the --save option which will write the current configuration to the file. If you use --save again the file should be updated leaving comments in place.







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Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Ivan Wills (14 Mullion Close, Hornsby Heights, NSW, Australia 2077) All rights reserved.

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