Revision history for Perl extension Schedule::At.

1.00  Fri Oct  3 19:36:47 1997
	- original version; created by Jose A. Rodriguez <josear AT>

1.01  Wed Nov 12 09:37:16 1997
	- Removed warning about 'inherited AUTOLOAD for non-methods'
		(reported by jon AT
	- Fixed SunOS settings (bad date specification)
	- Fixed a few bugs in the test suite

1.02  Thu Feb 12 11:55:49 1998
	- Fixed test suite expiration bug

1.03  Mon Mar 25 12:53:38 MET 2002
	- Removed support for AUTOLOAD (and bugs derived...)
		(reported by ydesyatnik AT, kar AT,
		william.l.kidd AT VBA.VA.GOV, andreas.koenig AT
	- Added support for AIX (not tested by me)
		(sent by Roger.Kehr AT
	- Added support for Dynix/ptx (not tested by me)
		(sent by william.l.kidd AT VBA.VA.GOV)
	- Added support for current distributions of Linux

1.04  Wed Jul 17 09:08:28 MEST 2002
	- getJobs now dies (instead of returning undef) if there is an error
		(suggested by Bernhard Graf <fisch AT>)
	- Added subroutine 'readJobs' to get the commands of jobs
		(feature suggested by Bernhard Graf <fisch AT>)
	- Added TAG and JOBID params support to 'getJobs'
		(feature suggested by Aaron Duncan 
			<aaron.duncan AT>)
	- Fixed documentation bug (when adding a job with 'add', the
		TAG param does not work with the FILE param). The POD
		stated the opposite.
1.05  Tue Mar 22 11:34:01 MET 2005
	- Fixed SunOS support (not working for root, Ticket #4427)
	- Added support for FreeBSD (Frazer Irving <frazer AT>)

1.06  Tue Sep 13 09:10:56 MEST 2005
	- Added support for Darwin (Felipe Wettstein <karl AT>)

1.07  Mon Sep  8 09:21:34 MEST 2008
	- Fixed typo in pod (Michael Gang" <michaelgang AT>)
	- remove function using TAG now returns something useful (pointed by
		<T.Haecker AT>)

1.08  Thu Oct  9 07:53:30 MEST 2008
	- Fixed typos and improve explanations in pod 
		(Adam Benjamin <aebenjam AT>)
	- addJob now accepts multiple commands as a REF ARRAY
		(implemented by Adam Benjamin <aebenjam AT>)
	- Many systems don't allow users to execute the "at" command
		so tests fail. Now you need to set environment AT_CAN_EXEC=1
		to exec all tests if you're not root. Set AT_VERBOSE=1 to
		get more info about test execution.

1.09 Tue Dec 15 08:54:41 CET 2009
	- Skip non supported OSs
	- Added support for OpenBSD (Eric Olsen <herolsen AT>)

1.10 Wed Apr  7 13:35:48 CEST 2010
	- Fixed bug about reporting exit status on past submited jobs
	(based on patch submited by JLMARTIN <jlmartinez AT>)

1.11 Web Dic  9 11:40:11 CET 2010
	- Added support for $SHELL (Jiří Pavlovský jira AT

1.12 Wed May 25 11:53:10 MEST 2011
	- Added support for NetBSD and DragonFly NetBSD (Dan McMahill <dmcmahill AT>)

	- Fix POD errors (
	(reported and patch submitted by carnil [...]
	- Updated support for AIX (Bogenstätter Marcus <bogenstaetter AT>)
1.14 Mon Jan 30 16:25:48 MET 2012
	- Fix
	(reported by cbouvi [...]

1.15 Tue Abr 24 08:14:43 CEST 2012
	- Change AIX 'getCommand' to use a non privileged one
		(patch by marcus.bogenstaetter [...]