Revision history for Perl extension Set::Array.

0.30  Wed Sep 18 09:21:00 2013
	- No code changes.
	- Add t/intersection.*.pl as part of the expanded discussion of methods such as intersection().
		This code was developed in conjunction with Joern Behre, to help clear up confusion over
		the issue of the uniqueness of items returned from various methods.
	- Add an FAQ with an item discussing this issue.
	- Expand the discussion of overloaded operators to recommend testing of the output of various methods
		before production use, and that unique() may need to be called, since unique() is not called
		automatically during a call to, say, intersection().
	- Include docs for bag(), difference(), intersection(), is_equal() and not_equal() explicitly among
		all other methods, besides their original mention under 'OVERLOADED (COMPARISON) OPERATORS'.
	- Include docs for new() as well.

0.29  Wed Jul  3 16:20:00 2013
	- No code changes.
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Changes::SPEC.
	- Recreate META.* files so they say licence is artistic_2 rather than artistic_1.
		Build.PL and Makefile.PL already said artistic_2, but the META.* files didn't.
		There is no reference to licences in the source of the module itself.
		This was requested by Christopher Meng who packages stuff for Fedora.

0.28  Wed Dec 19 08:50:00 2012
	- Extend fix for RT#81971 to add ^ in the regexps used in index() and rindex(), so they are now
		/^\Q$value\E$/ and not just /\Q$value\E$/. This issue was also reported by Henrik Hald Nørgaard.
	- Update docs for rindex() is say undef is returned - as with index() - if the value is not found.
	- Extend t/rt.81971.t to check rindex() returns undef when searching for the suffix of a value.

0.27  Sat Dec 15 07:19:00 2012
	- Fix RT#81971, kindly reported by Henrik Hald Nørgaard.
		When special chars, as used in regexps, are set members, or used to find set members, they
		must be quoted with \Q$value\E inside regexps.
		This fix was applied to count(), delete(), exists(), index() and rindex().
	- Add t/rt.81971.t to exercise the new code.
	- While examining the code for this fix, I found a couple of other bugs: In index() and rindex(),
		the value searched for was compared with each set member using this regexp, /$value/,
		instead of this regexp, /$value$/. The missing, trailing, $ meant that the member could match just
		the prefix of $value, rather than match the value exactly. So in those 2 methods the tests are now
		/\Q$value\E$/. The other 3 methods mentioned above already used /$value$/.

0.26  Thu Mar 22 10:50:00 2012
	- No code changes.
	- Expand the sample code and comments under difference() to show more clearly what sets get
		changed during operations, and to show another way of determining the difference between sets.

0.25  Fri Mar  9 16:58:00 2012
	- Add Try::Tiny to pre-reqs. Add attributes, overload, strict, subs and warnings too.

0.24  Wed Mar  7 11:52:00 2012
	- Due to bugs in Want's want('OBJECT') and wantref(), I used Try::Tiny to capture a call to want('OBJECT') in sub difference().
	  If an error is thrown, I just ignore it. So, to get what's probably the expected result, see the sample code in the docs for difference().
	  To this end, I've added an explicit section (=head2) in the docs for difference().
	- Ship the sample code as t/

0.23  Tue Feb 15 15:03:00 2011
	- Replace /usr/bin/perl with /usr/bin/env perl.
	- Replace common::sense with use strict and use warnings, to get uninit var warnings.
	- Update META.yml.
	- Add META.json to distro.

0.22  Thu Dec  9 19:58:00 2010
	- Rewrite the docs for compact(), delete(), duplicates(), reverse(), sort() and unique(),
		after email discussions with belg4mit. See RT#63543.
	- Expand t/test.t with specific tests for unique() in scalar, list and chained context.

0.21  Fri Dec  3 11:26:00 2010
	- Implement, document and test cpop() and cshift(), as suggested by Jerrad Pierce. See RT#63543.
	- Patch print() to call CORE::print explicitly.
	- Remove version check test from t/test.t.

0.20  Wed Feb 10 13:53:02 2010
	- Add META.yml. Update MANIFEST.SKIP. Add MANIFEST and MYMETA.yml.
	- Change version # is t/test.t.

0.19  Fri Nov 13 13:20:00 2009
	- Run dos2unix
	- Rename Changes.txt to CHANGES

0.18  Wed Nov  5 09:45:00 2008
	  - Patch sub indices() to accept more than 1 digit at each end of the range.
	  	Hence not just '0..9', but now '0..99', '0..99999', etc are all supported.
		Thanx to Georg Kipka for pointing out this problem
	  - I (Ron) found the same problem in the code for sub fill(). Also, the docs for
		fill() mistakenly used '3-5' as an example, instead of '3..5'
	  - Clean up the documentation generally, particularly the as_hash() method
	  - Document that the to_hash() method is an alias for as_hash()
	  - Document that the symm_diff() method is an alias for symmetric_difference()
	  - Fix documentation for join($string), which used to say join($char)
	  - Add new tests for as_hash(), fill() and indices()
	  - Add Test::Deep to Build.PL and Makefile.PL, to support new tests for as_hash()

0.17  Fri Jul 25 09:40:00 2008
	  - Patch sub intersection again to properly handle 0 as a member of a set

0.16  Fri Jul 25 09:28:00 2008
	  - Arrrrgggggghhhhh. Patch t/test.t, to change the version number

0.15  Tue Jul 22 10:55:00 2008
	  - Patch sub intersection to fix RT#29871. Add corresponding test
	  - Rename Changes to Changes.txt to match my other modules
	  - Add Changelog.ini

0.14  Mon Apr 10 19:51:00 2006
	- Fix test which used a hard-coded version number

0.13  Sun Apr 09 13:58:00 2006
	- Incorporate the patch supplied by Marke, with thanks. Now the method 'difference' returns
		the objects in the difference, and not the stingified versions of those objects.
		Also, Marke's test has been added to test.t.
		Note: The undocument method 'complement' has not been updated. Email me suggestions if
		o You know exactly what it ought to do
		o How it differs from calling 'difference' with the $reversed flag set

0.12  Mon Jan 10 16:10:00 2005
	- Switch maintainers from the original author Daniel Berger to Ron Savage
	- Switch primary build method to Module::Build by adding a Build.PL, and update Makefile.PL
	- Patch subs intersection() and symmetric_difference() so they handle values == 0, which means
		they now work for array indexes
	- Patch sub flatten() to stop warnings like:
		Using an array as a reference is deprecated at ... line 227
	- Clean up a couple of tests to make them run cleanly
	- Add a final test for handling 0
	- Add a POD test
	- Put tests in t/

0.11  Wed Feb 02 07:01:00 2004
        - Fixed bug in exists() method.  Thanks go to Rob Kinyon for the spot and
          the fix.
        - Fixed bug in the count() method.
        - Fixed bug in the delete() method.
        - Added a to_hash() alias for the as_hash() method.
        - Added more tests

0.10  Sun Jul 28 20:46:00 2002
        - Added 'duplicates()' method
	- Added a 'sym_diff' alias for the 'symmetric_difference()' method.
	- Added a 'contains' alias for the 'exists()' method.
	- A few of the overloaded methods did not behave consistently with the
	  rest of the module when it came to void calling context.  This has
	  been fixed.
        - Removed a debug print statement that had been inadvertently left in
	  the 'symmetric_difference()' method.  Oops.  Thanks to Martin
	  Krzywinski for the spot.
        - This file has been changed to show the most recent changes on the
	  top of the page. :)
        - Minor POD fixes

0.09  Fri Jun 21 11:22:00 2002
        - bag() method calling context issue fixed
        - The intersection() method (taken from the Cookbook) was broken.
	  It has been fixed.  Thanks to James Keenan for the spot.
	- Some minor POD fixes.

0.08  Fri Dec 21 09:00:00 2001
        - Modified 'is_equal' and 'not_equal' to deal with undef values
        - Stricter error checking in 'foreach' method
        - Added 'impose()' method
        - Added 'pack()' method
        - Added 'rindex()' method
        - Added the beginnings of a test suite
        - Fixed a major bug in the 'delete_at()' method (oops)
        - Renamed 'empty()' method to 'is_empty()'

0.07  Tue Nov 27 09:00:00 2001
        - Added the 'set()' method.  Thanks to Steffen Muller for the idea.
        - Created an alias called 'get()' for the 'indices()' method.
        - Fixed several methods that weren't handling '0' correctly.
        - Replaced 'die' with 'croak' throughout module.
        - Updated the docs.

0.06  Tue Nov 20 14:30:00 2001
        - Fixed a bug with the 'unique' method.  I had evaluated
        contexts incorrectly, causing it to fail when part of a
        chain.  Thanks to Steffen Muller for the spot.
        - Freed some memory that was being wasted in the unique method
        - Fixed this archive a bit to expand a bit more properly

0.05  Mon Oct 9 12:30:00 2001
        - Turned on the 'fallback' option for 'overload'.  This
        prevents errors for simple operations like "if($sao)", because
        I was accidentally using the overloaded operators in some
        cases where I meant to use the CORE operators.  Thanks to
        Terrence Brannon for the spot.

0.04  Fri Oct 5 12:00:00 2001
        - Modified the 'sort' method so that it handles coderefs
        in the same manner as Perl's built-in 'sort' method (with
        the exception that the word 'sub' is required).  Thanks
        to Sean McAfee for the help.

0.03  Tue Oct 2 08:00:00 2001
        - Changed the 'splice' method so that its return values
        are consistent with the rest of the module.

0.02  Wed Sep 26 16:00:00 2001
        - Modified several methods to either handle or die on
          undefined values.  The following methods were changed:

        count - Counts undef elements if no args (or undef).
        delete - Dies if no arg (or undef).  Now takes a list,
           rather than a scalar, as an arg (though can still take
           a scalar, of course).
        delete_at - Dies if no start index supplied (or undef).
        exists - Now possible to test for existence of 'undef'.
        foreach - Dies if no arg supplied (or undef).
        index - If no arg (or undef), returns index of first
           occurrence of 'undef' value within array.
        indices - Dies if no arg supplied (or undef).
        join - Now defaults to comma if no value supplied.

0.01  Tue Sep 25 15:34:11 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A -X -n Set::Array