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Revision history for Set::Groups

0.1    2007-04-07
       First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.2    2007-04-08
       Documentation correction
0.4    2007-04-20
       Add the detection of the cyclic groups
       New methods are setDebug, getCyclicGroups, getAcyclicGroups and isAcyclic.
0.5    2007-04-22
       isGroupOf is renamed isOwnGroupOf, and a new method isGroupOf is created
       getGroupsOf is renamed getOwnGroupsOf, and a new method getGroupsOf is created
       For coherence :
           addSingleTo is renamed addOwnSingleTo (addSingleTo still exists, but is deprecated)
           addGroupTo is renamed addOwnGroupTo (addGroupTo still exists, but is deprecated) 
           removeGroupFrom is renamed removeOwnGroupFrom (removeGroupFrom still exists, but is deprecated) 
0.6    2007-04-22
       SVN tags update
0.7    2007-11-06
       Documentation complement
0.8    2007-11-06
       Documentation complement