Revision history for Perl extension Slurm::Sacctmgr.

1.1.0  Fri Jun 10 10:19:00 2016
	- Added infrastructure to support multiple versions of Slurm
		* Additional hooks added for site customization of path
		  to sacctmgr command and setting the version.
		* Support for querying sacctmgr for version if not specified
	- Added support for TRES stuff introduced in 15.x.y
		* Objects support old pre-TRES fields and TRES fields, and
		  the fields are linked: e.g. on Slurm::Sacctmgr::Account,
		  the values of grpcpumins and the 'cpu' element of 
		  grptresmins are tied: setting one changes the other as well.
		* set_cpumin_limit_on_account_cluster DEPRECATED in favor of
	- Makefile.PL aborts appropriately on OSes not supported by Slurm.
	  Mainly added because regression tests assume POSIX like environment
	- Removed extraneous quotes in sacctmgr arguments; sacctmgr was handling
	  OK in most cases, but not all.
	- sacctmgr_modify now recognized the informational message re the 
	  number of records changed as normal, not a warning.
	- New subclasses/ sacctmgr entities:
		* Slurm::Sacctmgr::Resource 
		* Slurm::Sacctmgr::Tres

1.0.1  Mon Feb 08 17:27:00 2016
	- fixed some test failures due to hash randomization (new in perl 5.18.x and later)
	  verified with perl 5.22.1
	  See bug #111881
	  Thanks to SREZIC for bringing to my attention
1.0.0  Wed Dec 23 13:36:00 2015
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X -n Slurm::Sacctmgr -v 1.00