outstanding for later:

    - Spin off as a separate distribution

    - implement multiple outstanding requests/responses for one connection
    - find out why it doesn't listen on just port 80

0.28 2022-10-20:
      - More test fix for versions of HTTP::Message onwards. This addresses 144847,
        reported by Andreas Koenig
      - No code changes, no upgrade necessary

0.27 2022-10-19:
      - More test fix for versions of HTTP::Message onwards. This addresses 144847,
        reported by Andreas Koenig
      - No code changes, no upgrade necessary

0.26 2022-10-17:
      - Test fix for versions of HTTP::Message onwards. This addresses 144847,
        reported by Andreas Koenig
      - No code changes, no upgrade necessary

0.25 2021-12-10:
      - Fix test failure on newer HTTP::Message. We now require
        HTTP::Message 6.14. This addresses RT #124234, reported by Slaven Rezic
      - TODO interface tests when not running as root

0.24 2016-11-09:
      - Fix RT 107349, reported by Slaven Rezic
      - Still not moved to Net::Inspect

0.23 2012-03-08:
      - Make IP address detection work on other networks as well
      - Remove reliance on Exporter::Lite in favour of a recent Exporter.pm
      - Prepare for moving to Net::Inspect instead of hand-rolling
        the TCP stack
      - Silence a warning if no Transfer-Encoding header was received

0.22 2011-04-30:
      - More configurability of ->run(), suggested by Keith Schincke
      - C<device> can now be a preconfigured Net::Pcap device
      - C<netmask> can now be specified, in case you have a capture interface
        without an IP address

0.21 2011-03-27:
      - Fix loop behaviour in Sniffer::HTTP::flush_window to process more
        than one packet
      . Add synopsis to dump-raw.pl
      . Fix tests, again

0.20 2011-03-22:
      - POD fixes
      - Reduced default value for snaplen libpcap parameter
      - Made snaplen parameter configurable, after discussion in

0.19 2009-02-15:
      - Sniffer::HTTP: src_port and dst_port are now initialized from the
        first packet if they are yet unset

0.18 2008-11-09:
      - Bail out of testing if no device is found by Net::Pcap
      . Only test changes, no upgrade necessary.

0.17 2007-01-13:
      - James Mastros suggested skipping more tests if not
        running as root on non-Win32 platforms. The tests now
	output a warning if you are not on Win32 and $> is nonzero.
	The tests will still be run but likely you need to execute
	them using

	    sudo make test

	to get results unobstructed by permissions. This

0.16 2006-09-18:
      - Fixed a typo in the synopsis of HTTP::Sniffer
      - POD fixes
      - "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" is now case insensitive, thanks to
        Andre Nurwono
      - Fix t/05-dump-to-file.t to gracefully fail if the user
        cannot sniff due to (likely) permission problems.

0.15 2006-06-05:
      - Added the missing File::Slurp prerequisite, found by Joshua Ben Jore
      - No code/functionality changes

0.14 2006-04-26:
      - Fixed a bug where too much data was parsed, thanks to Karl Pietri
        for the report and capture file

0.13 2006-02-xx:
      - added missing dependency on Exporter::Lite (reported by J. Jore)
      - added prerequisite of libpcap of at least 0.8
      - fixed stupid error that never let you specify an interface
      - disabled the 'any' device as it returns frames in a format
        that is different from Ethernet frames (and the libpcap
        documentation is opaque to me in that regard)

0.12 2005-11-12:
      - live-http-headers.pl now also outputs the status message
        of the response.
      - dropped support for v0.04 of Net::Pcap, as there is a
        PPM for Net::Pcap v0.09 on uwinnipeg now:
          Perl 5.6: http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppmpackages
          Perl 5.8: http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms

0.11 2005-11-07:
      - Refactored code out into Net::Pcap::FindDevice which
        will soon begin a life of its own in a separate distribution
        (thanks to Bart Lateur and James Mastros)
      - You can specify a device by IP and not just by name or description.
        (suggested by Bart Lateur)
      - The live-capture test t/05 now has an alarm() to kill
        itself if it takes over 60 seconds.

0.10 2005-11-06:
      - Staleness calbacks didn't work at all. Fixed now.

0.09 2005-11-06:
      - added timeout to Sniffer::HTTP
      - added stale connection detection to Sniffer::HTTP
      - added last_activity to Sniffer::Connection
      - added timestamp handling from Net::Pcap so even
        captures play back with the correct timestamps
      - add "Tee to file" capability to ->run() under the
        option name "capture_file"

0.08 2005-11-04:
      - Make magic less OS dependent:
        * qr// checks against keys and values, regardless of OS
      - guard against ->run(qr//), ->run(undef), ->run("") - these are
        handled gracefully
      - Make request absolute from Host: header
      - Reading from libpcap capture files works, even with filters
      - Add (example of) reading from an ethereal or Wireshark capture (see t/03*)
      - Fixed partially borked handling of Transfer-Encoding: chunked
      - Find and remember port number from TCP packets
          and put it in the request (faked via Host: header)

0.07 2005-11-03:
      - Added Pcap example filters
      - added much more magic to select a suitable interface
        to listen on. See find_device().

0.06 2005-10-xx:
      - Fixed crash if Sniffer::HTTP object is created without a log()
      - The Pcap filter parameter was not used at all...

0.05 2005-10-xx:
      - Added much documentation and clarifications thanks to (in no order)
         theorbtwo, blokhead, Bart Lateur,
      - Added live-http-headers.pl example script
      - Added methods to handle Ethernet and IP packets
      - Renamed handle_packet to handle_tcp_packet
      - handle_tcp_packet now accepts both, a raw TCP frame
        or a NetPacket::TCP hash
      - The demo script live-http-headers.pl has better/saner defaults
      - The test script dump-raw.pl has better/saner defaults
      - added simplicistic ->run method that tries to use sane defaults
      - Net::Pcap is now a prerequisite

0.04 2005-10-xx:
      - Fixed the out-of-order TCP problem for now
      - added some first semblance of a test suite

0.03 2005-10-xx:
      - some public release