Release 0.10
	Fixed up a problem that has been causing the module to fail tests 
	on newer versions of Perl. I'm not sure how the module ever worked.
	What was I thinking... Special Thanks to Krist van Besien for a patch
	to the problem and pointing it out in the first place.
	It's been quite some time since I've worked on these modules much and
	it now looks like I'd better get some more done.

Release 0.08
	This version requires version 0.07 of Software::Packager
	It is slowly coming into line with the documention that SUN have
	The API has been rationalised to meet the API in Software::Packager.
	Packages are created but it is still not possible to use Classes that
	will come in time.

Release 0.05
        Split this module from Software::Packager