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2000-04-07 17:48  ian

	* ACL.xs: Fixed bug where attempts to give extra groups ACL access
	resulted in corresponding users getting access instead.
	Removed to useless declarations of acl_result variable.

2000-04-07 17:47  ian

	* Version change to 0.06
	Calls to mask, groups(gid) and users(uid) now return -1 if the
	requested entry does not exist.
	Internal structure documentation moved to the end, with a warning
	as to its transitory nature.
	Fixed error in documentation of how to copy an ACL, which swapped
	target and source.

2000-04-07 17:37  ian

	* Added group entries to the test ACLs

2000-03-02 14:12  ian

	*, Makefile.PL: Version 0.05 release
	Internally documented _report_or_set_or_delete and _generic_list
	Now deletes the users and/or groups hashes if they become empty.
	Make clean code improved

2000-02-18 16:06  ian

	*, Changes: Whoops - we were already at 0.03 - going to 0.04

2000-02-18 15:58  ian

	* Changes, Makefile.PL: Changes now automatically updated via
	cvs2cl when makedist is run.  After removing Changes from the
	repository, I'm going to make this version 0.03.

2000-02-13 15:31  ian

	*, Changes, Fixed typo in The version 0.03
	release Using cvs2cl to create ChangeLog (though these comments
	only show up in next commit...)

2000-02-12 18:35  ian

	* Made private functions _report_or_set_or_delete and
	_generic_list into preloaded functions (moved them before the
	__END__ token)

2000-02-10 14:14  ian

	* Tagged as release 0.02.  Updated version in

2000-02-06 19:26  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs, Makefile.PL, * Added Id and Log strings
	to all files * Now EXPORTs instead of EXPORT_OKing setfacl and
	getfacl * make clean now removes test-acl-file and test-acl-dir

2000-02-01 13:46  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs, Makefile.PL, test file now uses
	object-orriented api
	Now checks for Solaris before building

2000-01-28 15:16  iroberts

	* ACL.xs: Changed free calls to Safefree calls

2000-01-28 15:14  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs, *) Fixed typos in documentation.
	*) Fixed various memory leaks (freeing aclent in setfacl,    using
	newRV_noinc in getfacl)
	*) Use perl's string2int conversion routines, so that things will
	work	in bases other than 10
	*) setfacl now returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure.
	*) Now using Perl's New instead of malloc (still need to use Perl's

2000-01-25 12:18  iroberts

	* .cvsignore,, ACL.xs, Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, Changed name Acl to ACL (recursively renamed files in CVS
	repository and logs).  Streamlined documentation.

2000-01-18 18:05  iroberts

	* Makefile, Makefile should be generated from Makefile.PL

2000-01-18 17:37  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs, Added object orriented stuff.  Renamed
	fields for acls.

2000-01-16 00:58  iroberts

	* Finnished documentation for getfacl and setfacl

2000-01-16 00:58  iroberts

	* ACL.xs: Changed record_error to handle sprintf type strings,
	instead of just static messages

2000-01-15 23:34  iroberts

	* A basic working version

2000-01-15 23:30  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs: [no log message]

2000-01-10 19:08  iroberts

	*, ACL.xs, Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, Imported
	from sources (originally created by h2xs 1.18)

2000-01-10 19:08  iroberts

	* .cvsignore, Makefile: Imported sources

2000-01-10 19:08  iroberts

	* .cvsignore,, ACL.xs, Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile,
	Makefile.PL, Initial revision