chartex - A utility to extract charts from an Excel file for insertion into a Spreadsheet::WriteExcel file.


This program is used for extracting one or more charts from an Excel file in binary format. The charts can then be included in a Spreadsheet::WriteExcel file.

See the add_chart_ext() section of the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel documentation for more details.


chartex [--chartname --help --man] file.xls

        --chartname -c  The root name for the extracted charts,
                        defaults to "chart".


--chartname or -c

This sets the root name for the extracted charts, defaults to "chart". For example:

    $ chartex file.xls

    Extracting "Chart1" to chart01.bin

    $ chartex -c mychart file.xls

    Extracting "Chart1" to mychart01.bin
--help or -h

Print a brief help message and exits.

--man or -m

Prints the manual page and exits.


John McNamara


Version 0.02.


© MMV, John McNamara.

All Rights Reserved. This program is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.

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