Revision history for Starlink::AST

3.01 2021-05-05
    - Update to AST version 9.2.4
    - Add support for YamlChan, astMapCopyEntry and astPointInRegion

3.00 2019-10-03
    - Update to AST version 9.0.0 (with ERFA 1.3.0 and PAL 0.9.7)
    - Add support for several new features such as ChebyMap, FitsTable,
      Moc, MocChan, NormMap, PointList, PolyMap, Prism, SelectorMap, Stc,
      SwitchMap, Table, TranMap and UnitNormMap

1.05 2014-09-10
    - Fix MSWin32 build
    - Only run plotting tests if $DISPLAY is set

1.04 2014-08-07
    - Fixes of sub-package version numbers for CPAN indexer

1.03 2014-08-07
    - Now ships with AST v8.0.0+ (this includes ERFA 1.1 and PAL 0.5.0)
    - AST now uses the LGPL license
    - Possible fix for MSWin32 build issues.
    - Add AST__ALLFRAMES constant
    - add astMapDefined

1.02 2012-06-04
    - Fix long double floating point tests (-Dusemorebits)
    - Fix "attempt to free unreferenced scalar" warnings when an error
      has occurred.

1.01 2012-05-27
    - Now comes with the AST source code to remove an external dependency
      on the Starlink software.
    - Add StcsChan support.
    - Add astGetRegionBounds
    - Add GEBuf and GBBuf to GRF interface.
    - Add astMapBox and astMapSplit
    - Add astHasAttribute
    - Fix attribute retrieval when a Plot object is involved.

1.00 2011-01-12
    - Use Module::Build
    - Add support for short ints in AST Keymaps
    - Add perl tie interface to keymaps
    - Ass astMapPutU

0.99 2010-02-09
    - Many improvements and bug fixes. Almost complete API support.
    - Add support for Tk::Zinc

0.04 2005-09-22
    - Much improved Tk canvas support
    - Channel and XmlChan source functions now work properly
    - Fix return value when AST routines fail
    - AST objects can now be cloned with Storable
    - PickAxes() method now returns the frame and mapping in a list
    - New constants: AST__CURRENT, AST__BASE, AST__NOFRAME
    - Add TranP() method
    - Fix compilation problem with AST v3.4.

0.03 2004-12-29
    - Now supports AST functionality added between v3.2 and v3.5 of AST
      (if you don't have this version it will still compile with older
      versions of AST but these routines will not be available)
    - Support for Regions
    - Support for FluxFrames and SpecFluxFrames
    - Support for RateMap
    - Support for KeyMap
    - Support for DSBSpecFrame
    - astRate now returns the second derivative only if the version
      supports it
    - Add astLinearApprox (Mapping), astEscapes (Plotting),
      astPutCards (FitsChan)

0.02 2004-04-21
    - Same as 0.01 except that now include the PLplot interface
      which was mistakenly missing from the MANIFEST

0.01 2014-04-21
    - First release. Most methods implemented. PGPLOT and PLplot
      interfaces okay. Tk plotting interface requires work.