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Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::Descriptive::Weighted.

0.70 Mar 26, 2012

Handle empty arguments to add_data.
Fixed Bug ID 93761 "Error in get_data() when min value is 0"

0.60 Mar 18, 2012

Fixed an initialization error introduced by implementation changes
to base-class Statistics::Descriptive. 

Attribute "mean" seemed no longer to be initialized with base class new().

This caused an initialization error at the first use of add_data().

The mean attribute is now initialized in Statistics::Descriptive::Weighted.

0.50 Oct 2009

Contributed changes from Florent Angly:

1) Fixed some installation/test errors arising from changes to base class
2) Made second argument to add data, specifying weights, optional. If not
specified, weights of arguments set to 1
3) Revised some error messages

other minor changes

0.40 Feb 2009 

     - Redefinition of variance() and standard_deviation() (to
standard definitions of the unbiased estimators of those quantities,
and addition of biased_variance() and biased_standard_deviation().

0.30 Dec 2008 
     - Fixed an error in the SYNOPSIS regarding percentile. Added
more attribution to Andrew Johnson for Tree::Treap. Added contact
information. Fixed errors in Description. 

0.20 December 2008
     - Ported to Module::Install to fix provided dependency
testing bug

0.10 December 2008
     - Initital release