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Revision history for Perl extension String::CRC::Cksum.

0.91  Tue Jul 13 12:16:54 2010
        - POD samples was stupidly using the variable $cksum as both
          the object and to hold the result of the calculation.

0.90  Thu Jul  8 13:14:52 2010
        - seriously overdue fix of overflow errors on 64 bit platforms

0.03  Tue Oct 28 14:47:47 2003
        - trivial optimisation in add() method
        - fixed documentation to show \*FILE instead of
          *FILE. Am I missing some way to differentiate
          a *GLOB from a string passed into a sub which
          does not have a prototype?

0.02  Tue Oct 28 12:49:24 2003
        - now requires Perl 5.6.1 at least...
        - converted to an OO style, and used it to provide
          the original functional call for your convenience
        - bucket-loads of new POD. I think it's complete;
          an easy assertion to make for such a simple module.
        - plugged in tests for the OO style, and attempted
          to distance the tests from platform issues
        - created the tarball with appropriate paths!

0.01  Wed Oct 22 10:29:01 2003
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
                -AX -n String::CRC::Cksum