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2007-05-04  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>
	* Makefile.PL: removed LDDLFLAGS, OPTIMIZE, CCFLAGS based on recommendations in
	* st.c: replace // with /* */
        The changes here should also fix:
        Raised by: guest (?)
        Investigated by: Ryan Wagner and Billy Zophar
        Tested by: Roger Persson
        Thank you all.

2005-08-03  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>
	* st.c: white space in middle of line.

2005-08-02  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>
	* st.c: Skip trailing white space (ws before \n) when adjusting.

2005-04-11  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>
	* Add copy right and licencing info.

2005-03-10  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>
	* st.c: Fix compiler warnings on Fedora:

2005-02-16  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>

	* st.c: Fix a core dump when malloc(0) 
	  > 746       ret = (char*)malloc(sizeof(char) * INT_LEN * ix * 8);
          > 747       ret[0] = 0;
          Note if ix == 0, then ret has no memory allocated, ret[0] = 0
               could core_dump perl
          Reported by: Jonathan Noack
          Analyzed by: Anton Berezin

2003-08-08  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>

	* st.c: removed main function because it contains multi-line string
	constants.  While GCC 3.2 warns, GCC 3.3 will error.
	* ChangeLog: added this file.

2003-08-07  Bo Zou  <boxzou at>

	* st.c: reinitialize trailing_ws.