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2004-05-07  Jarkko Hietaniemi  <>

	* Release 2.1:

	  Fix a bug reported by Julio GarvĂ­a Honrad: if a scan pattern
	  contained a literal 't', it was matched as a '\t'.  Duh.

2002-09-01  Jarkko Hietaniemi  <>

	* Release 2.0:

	The 2.0 release of String::Scanf introduces an object-oriented
	interface (works only for Perl release 5.005 and up) that should
	speed up repetitive sscanf() operations.

	Note that for the 2.0 release the old compatibility setting interface
	set_compat() has been removed since there is no need to be able to be
	backward compatible with the old release 1 bugs.