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Revision history for Perl extension Sudo.
0.33	Wed Apr 17 11:17:00 2013
	- fixed hashref assignment to list bug
0.32  Tue Jun 12 00:20:00 2007
	- fixed what I broke.
	- added in test skipping in test more so it doesn't look like
 	  this module fails all tests when people run an interactive
	  module test in a non-interactive test environment .....
	- remote is still broken ... thinking about how to fix it.
0.31  Wed May 23 22:57:00 2007
	- remove remote execution for the moment ... it is broken
0.30  Mon May 21 21:29:00 2007
	- added remote capability via ssh.  Use hostname/username attributes to 
	  force module to ssh to remote host before running sudo.
0.21  Fri May 27 11:18:00 2005
	- added tests for windows and cygwin.  This module will not work
	  under either OS.  It might be possible with Cygwin, but this would
	  require too much additional work to make Sudo work correctly
	  under Cygwin.
	  Windows is not (and will not be) supported. It has a very different
	  permissions model than Unix/Linux, and the purpose of this module
	  is to exploit the Sudo command in Unix/Linux to enable execution of
	  a command as another user.  There is no equivalent method in windows,
	  as you need to adjust ACLs.  That is beyond the scope of this 
	  module.  In unix, the ACLs are adjusted through the visudo command.
0.20  Mon May 23 00:20:00 2005
	- fixed "=" bug
	- added additional checks against sudo binary
	- added then removed sudo shell bits.  Will create another 
	  module for this
        - updated documentation	  
0.10  Mon Apr 19 17:02:49 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX -n Sudo