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Revision history for Perl extension SuffixTree

0.07 2013-01-02
  - Provided better documentation of the LICENSE (no material change, just
    better documented).

0.06 2012-11-02
  - "Changes" is now CPAN::Changes::Spec compliant.
  - Added t/09-changes.t

0.05 2012-10-24
  - Applied an adaptation of the patches supplied in RT#11256 and RT#11243.
  - find_substring() now returns 0 if substring isn't found.
  - Documented that find_substring() is 1-based, and that 0 indicates not found.
  - Added an adaptation of the test from RT#60010.
  - Added release tests to the test suite (optional).
  - Test suite and module are now strict/warnings compliant.

0.03 2003-01-07
  - Removed @EXPORT_OK from globals (we have no such variable)
  - @EXPORT inserted to globals
  - Using strict
  - Added a README file containing some portability related 
  - t/ renamed to t/test_use.t
  - Declaring previous interface as deprecated (though still 
    supported), offering a more Perllish interface instead.

0.02 2003-01-06
  - Added t/ test that only tests if the module 
    loads correctly in 'use SuffixTree'
  - Renamed README to c-implementation_notes.txt
  - Minor documentation changes
  - Updated MANIFEST

0.01 2003-01-04
  - Took files from
  - Made a Perl wrapper for the header file using SWIG
  - The original version