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Revision history for Perl extension TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::MyTAP.

3.27  2016-05-11T23:57:32Z
      - Fixed password handling.
      - Refactored `my_prove` to better follow the interface provided by
        App::Prove. This improves option processing, notably single-letter
         option bundling now works properly.

3.26  2015-06-19T23:43:55Z
      - The `--ext` option to `my_prove` now always identifies MyTAP tests. Use
        `prove` with the `--mytap-option` option to mix MyTAP tests
        with other tests.
      - Expanded option documentation.

3.25  2013-12-18T00:45:29Z
      - Removed Pod tests.
      - Restored to CPAN (not sure when it was deleted or why).

3.24  2011-03-30T18:24:32 
      - Fixed exit code in `my_prove`. It no longer returns 0 on fail and 1 on
        pass. Thanks to Rod Taylor for the report!

3.23  2010-09-08T22:40:39
      - Minor documentation tweaks.
      - Disabled output buffering in `my_prove`, so that test output appears
        as tests run.
      - Enable comments by default. This is so that failure diagnostics will
        always appear, not just when run with --verobse. Use --no-comments or
        --quiet to disable comment output.

3.22  2010-07-24T00:08:11
      - Initial version, with code borrowed from