Revision history for TVDB-API

0.33    2008.12.19 16:02:43
        Add getEpisodeAbs and getEpisodeDVD
		Make sure perl is at least version 5.8

0.32    2008.11.16 10:35:45
        Fix utf8 issues with query URLs
        Handle multiple languages in getPossibleSeries()

0.31    2008.11.10 18:53:15
        Fix bug in getPossibleSeriesId (include language in URL)

0.30    2008.11.04 16:57:16
        Add capability of new() arguments by hashref
        Add configuration variables
        Add getConf()/setconf()
        Add getPossibleSeriesId
        Add maxSeason/maxEpisode checking
        Allow new to be called with named arguments
        Cache download failures for getBanner()/getEpisode()
        Cache downloads per session for nocache
        Fix bug in docs for getSeriesInfo and getEpisodeBanner
        Layered API calls use $nocache-1 for lower layers
        Make sure all warnings start with "TVDB::API"
        Remove redundant calls to getSeriesID()
        Return undef if no banner found in banner methods
        Support multiple levels of nocache
        Update man page

0.22    2008.10.07 18:04:00
        Add methods for getEpisodeByAirDate() and getRatingsForUser()

0.21    2008.10.06 22:04:00
        Fix bugs from CPAN testers

0.20    2008.10.06 11:23:00
        Change API for getBanners and all related methods

0.10    2008.10.05 22:25:00
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.