Revision history for Perl module Tangerine

0.23 2016-10-23
- Extend the testrequires hook with support for Test::Needs

0.22 2016-02-25
- Handle the version module regexes better and define our own simple fallback
- Recommend List::Util 1.33+ but just use List::MoreUtils if it isn't available
- Added support for the simple mixin class
- Removed a useless debug print

0.21 2016-01-25
- Restore compatibility with perl 5.10.

0.20 2016-01-22
- Don't crash if the hook isn't really loaded
- Switched to using List::Util
- Ignore more false positives (e.g. use base __PACKAGE__->...)
- Added support for Test::Class::Most
- Added support for Role::Tiny::With
- Various minor speed optimisation all over the place

0.19 2015-08-20
- HookData now allows to override the hook's own type.
- Documentation for HookData was corrected and updated.
- The anymoose hook was dropped; it didn't really make much sense.
- This release also introduces a new hook, adding support for Module::Hook.
- The inline hook was enhanced to properly detect Inline::Filters.
- And finally, the list hooks now support Mojo::Base, mixin::with and Tk::widgets.

0.18 2015-06-24
- The Inline hook now supports language aliases.

0.17 2015-05-15
- Added [GithubMeta] to dist.ini, so the repo will be listed in the
  dist metadata, and also [MetaJSON], so the release will include a
  META.json file.  Thanks to Neil Bowers
- Ported the testsuite to the new API introduced in 0.15

0.16 2015-05-13

- No longer ignore numeric module names.  Apparently it's allowed in
  some situations.

0.15 2015-04-24

- The utility now lives in its own distribution, App::Tangerine
- Renamed provides/requires/uses methods to package/require/compile;
  the old method names are still available but consider them deprecated
- Renamed the hook types respectively, from prov/req/use to
  package/require/compile; this is an internal change
- Mode accepts the new type names; also, these are now preferred
- Drop Mo in favour of a simple object system, cutting the dependency chain
- Simplified module name filtering so it actually works like it should
- Fixed a nasty bug with explicit zero version requirements
- Updated documentation

0.14 2015-03-30

 - Mooselike should now parse extends/with statements enclosed in parens
   somewhat better

0.13 2015-02-24

 - Inline is now processed but its own specialized hook, hopefully supporting
   all the import cases properly (for our purposes at least)
 - Added support for Module::Runtime and its subs
 - POD fixes

0.12 2015-01-12

 - Add support for Test::Requires and superclass
 - Update copyright notices
 - stripquotelike() now explodes anonymous hashes too
 - The XXX hook now doesn't require YAML on empty imports
 - `use Inline ()' now works somewhat better

0.11 2014-11-26

 - Moose-like support rewritten -- we now detect versions and avoid indirect
   object method calls
 - aliased fixed; it now only reports the first module in the list, duh
 - We no longer report obvious filenames, really
 - The required version of perl can be an integer as well, duh again
 - List constructors spread over multiple lines are now processed correctly
 - Package names ending in :: are now reported without this suffix

0.10 2014-10-15

 - New internal hook API
 - Support for use_ok, require_ok, syntax_ok from various test distributions,
   and for "use ok" added
 - Inline support added
 - XXX support added
 - Minor performance improvements
 - We no longer report reqs/uses containing non-module strings, like
   filesnames or variables

0.06 2014-10-06

 - Restore compatibility with 5.10

0.05 2014-09-29

 - Release with proper POD

0.04 2014-09-29

 - Detect conditional and compound require statement correctly
 - Support Any::Moose
 - Support Moose-like inheritence (`with' and `extends')

0.03 2014-09-08

 - Add ExecDir to dist.ini to install bin/tangerine by default

0.02 2014-09-05

 - Switch to PP Mo
 - Include the script's deps in prereqs

0.01 2014-09-04

 - This is the initial public release