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Revision history for Perl extension TapeChanger::MTX.

1.01	Mon Mar 01 16:57:54 CST 2004 

	No longer echoes STDERR in tape_cmd() and mt_cmd().  Documentation

1.00	Fri Jan 16 11:07:23 CST 2004 

	Added a fair bit of contributed code to support multi-slot tape 
	drives and volume tags.  Set as a 'v1.0' release because it seemed

0.71b	Fri Feb  1 13:38:13 CST 2002

	Changed _doloadtape() again to check the return status

0.70b	Fri Feb  1 13:13:08 CST 2002

	Fixed _doloadtape() to eject the tape first.

0.61b	Wed May 22 10:13:13 CDT 2002

	Added a 'nexttape' script.  It's handy a lot.

0.60b	Tue Nov 13 16:00:29 CST 2001

	Fixed 'nexttape' and such to eject the drive first.  

0.51b 	Tue Nov 13 09:16:49 CST 2001

	Took out support for multiple drives in the 'eject' option, because 
	it operates weirdly.  'reportstatus' is a bit different.

0.5	Fri Nov  9 15:39:15 CST 2001

	Initial version, based off old mtx-changer code (also self-written).
	Documentation and such are written.