0.47 2014-12-16
 - Stop checking warning message contents explictly (Aaron Crane)

0.46 2012-12-23
 - Documentation fixes (Brigham Johnson)
 - Hash ordering fixes for 5.17 (Kent Fredric)

0.45 2011-04-15
 - Added new HTML 5 elements to the HTML Tag set. (Theory)

0.44 2010-12-08
 - Added support for $TAG_INDENTATION and $EOL (Marc Chantreux)
 - Add a current_base_path() convenience function (trs)

0.43 2009-11-18
 - Test warning fixes (Theory)
 - Dist fixes suggested by rafl (Sartak)

0.42 2009-11-01
 - Added the "strict" attribute to make exceptional situations fatal.
 - Removed unused "implementor" attribute in Template::Declare::TagSet.

0.41 2009-10-29
 - Documentation tweaks (Theory)

0.40_02 2009-10-23
 - David (Theory) Wheeler spent considerable effort on cleaning up
   Template-Declare for this release.
 - Reworked all the documentation, neatening things, expanding the "USAGE"
   section, fixing bugs in the examples, and adding missing docs for
   various functions and methods.
 - Added "dispatch_to" to replace "roots", which is now deprecated. Note
   that "dispatch_to" resolves to template classes in the opposite order to
   "roots". This won't be an issue if you only use a single temlate class.
 - Converted the implementation of "alias" to be the same as that used for
   "import_templates", which is much more efficient.
 - Added the "into" parameter to "alias" and "import_templates".
 - Added the "setting" syntactical sugar keyword for use with "alias".
 - Renamed "import_templates" to "mix". The former is still around, but is
 - Added support for package variables with "mix".
 - Deprecated the undocumented "aliases()" and "alias_metadata()" methods,
   as they are no longer needed. They're now no-ops that issue warnings. To
   be removed altogether in a future version.

0.40_01 2009-08-12
 - Support for inline tagset definitions. Thanks to Olivier 'dolmen'
   Mengué [rt.cpan.org #48642]

0.40 2009-07-08
 - Fix subname issue with the debugger and specifically Devel::NYTProf
 - String::BufferStack usage improvements

0.39 2009-03-05
 - No code changes; increase Test::Warn dependency to 0.11, as 0.10 was

0.38 2009-02-27
 - Support, but deprecate, Template::Declare->buffer->data(...) usage

0.37 2009-02-19
 - Make HTML::Lint an optional dependency

0.36 2009-02-05
 - Hint to the source of the buffer using a 'from' argument.  This allows
   us to inspect the call stack by looking at the buffer stack.

0.35 2009-01-20
 - Buffers have been moved to using String::BufferStack, for better
   interopability with other templating systems.  Code which manipulated
   Template::Declare::Buffer objects by hand may need to be adjusted.

0.31_01 2008-12-19
 - INCOMPATIBLE: there were inconsistency in arguments passing. show in
   TD::Tags could pass arguments into template as array reference depending
   on a way it's called. Now arguments are always passwed the same way they
   passed into show. This change is only backwards incompatible for those
   who were using this incorrect behaviour.
 - stringify argument in TD::Buffer::append as we can deal with an object
   with overloaded stringification that puts data into buffer when
 - correctly escape objects with overloaded stringification
 - use less buffers for operations and a few other small optimizations

0.30 2008-11-26
 - Remove the "wrapper" export, its name is too generic and clashes with a
   lot of existing code. It's a negligible amount of sugar.

0.29 2008-07-01
 - Sugar for defining a tag-like wrapper. Thanks Theory! #37624
 - Don't load all of CGI.pm to get a list of tags. #37630
 - Don't add attrs to the first tag in smart_tag_wrapper. #37622.

0.28 2008-02-14
 - Added the missing dependency Class::ISA to Makefile.PL
 - Added the "canvas" tag to the HTML tagset.
 - Added around_template for instrumentation.

0.27 2007-11-02
 - Added support for the RDF tag set (T::D::TagSet::RDF).
 - Added support for the Mozilla EM RDF tag set (T::D::TagSet::RDF::EM)

0.26 2007-08-14
 - Refactored Template::Declare::Tags to make the tag sets configurable.
 - Added Template::Declare::TagSet::HTML and
   Template::Declare::TagSet::XUL, respectively, as well as their common
   base class, Template::Declare::TagSet. Added
   Template::Declare::TagSet::HTML and Template::Declare::TagSet::XUL,
 - Added support for XML namespace: use Template::Declare::Tags 'XUL',
   'HTML' => { namespace => 'html' }; and ... 'HTML' => { namespace =>
   'html', package => 'MyHtml' };
 - And we can now say 'use Template::Declare::Tags qw/ HTML XUL /;
 - Added @Template::Declare::Tags::TAG_SUB_LIST which records all the tag
   subroutines generated on-the-fly, which is necessary for secondary
   symbol exporting in Jifty::View::Declare::Helpers.
 - Implemented C< use Template::Declare::Tags HTML => { from =>
   'My::HTML::TagSet' } >.
 - Allow content post-proceessing with a callback.
 - Added a PITFALLS section to T::D's POD.
 - Added a global sub append_attr to provide friendly diagnostics and the
   infamous "Undefined subroutine &Template::Declare::Tags::append_attr
   called at ..." is now gone.