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# Changes for Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat
# $Rev: 97 $
# $Date: 2006-03-06 16:55:38 +0000 (Mon, 06 Mar 2006) $ 

2006-03-07		Template-Plugin-KwikiFormat-1.04
* supported Kwiki 0.38
* Satoshi Tanimoto now takes over the module from Thomas Klausner.

2004-11-04		Template-Plugin-KwikiFormat-1.03
* documented ForcedLink

* figured out how to change the const pattern_start regex
  relative links in ForcedLink work now! yay!

2004-10-27		Template-Plugin-KwikiFormat-1.02
* rewrote Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat to redefine some subs directly
  in Kwiki::Formatter
  everything works but my custom linking stuff (eg [/relative/link.html see here])
* removed Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat::FakeKwiki as it doesn't work
  with mod_perl, because something inside Kwiki uses in some
  strange way...

----------		Template-Plugin-KwikiFormat-1.01 (not released)

* added Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat::FakeKwiki
  to override various link-generating methods that do not work
  outside of a kwiki installation.
  additionally, change the behaviour of TitledHyperLink to allow for
  relative links.
  Thanks to Ian Langworth for pointing me into the right direction.

* added t/30_links.t to test feature implemented by

* added Test::NoWarnings to requires (thanks to Dave Cash for reporting this)

2004-10-22		Template-Plugin-KwikiFormat-1.00 (first CPAN release)
* improved docs a bit
* bumped $VERSION to 1.00
* added t/20_table.t test to test table generation

* initial version.