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Revision history for Perl extension Template::Plugin::Perl.

0.06  2007-03-12
* bundled Test::Base into inc/, so no burden on the user side.
* degrade the perl version we require here.

0.05  2007-03-10
* fixed a Win32 failing test

0.04  2007-03-07
* fixed a bug in the test regarding the crypt builtin.

0.03  2007-03-03
* fixed various bugs
* improved the POD a bit
* switched to Test::Base to do unit testing
* updated inc/ using the latest Module::Install
* added tests for POD syntax and POD coverage
* updated the author's email address
* added the SVN repos URL to the docs

0.02  2005-07-20
* fixed the URL problem in the POD doc

0.01  Mon Jul 11 13:49:29 2005
* original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
    -XO -b 5.8.1 Template::Plugin::Perl