Revision history for Template::Timer

Template::Timer is now hosted on github at

1.00    Fri Mar  6 23:32:49 CST 2009
Measurements are now in milliseconds, not seconds.

Now shows nesting level in the notes.

The times are all shown as a summary at the end, not throughout
the page.

0.04    Sun Oct 16 22:56:51 CDT 2005
When calling

    [% PROCESS block_1 + block_2 %]

the block names are passed as an array reference to process().
Template::Timer was assuming that any ref() passed was an object
and calling ->name on that object.  Thanks to Bill Moseley.

0.02    Tue Oct 26 11:08:33 CDT 2004
First actual working version.  Fixed bonheaded typo.

0.01    Tue Oct 26 09:58:24 CDT 2004
First rudimentary version.  Patches and comments welcome.