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Revision history for Perl extension Term::InKey.

0.01  Tue Nov 20 19:20:27 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs
1.02          16 Jan 2002
1.03  Sat Aug 7  18:52:33 2004
	- fixed some bugs on Win32 (Thanks to request from Koepke Christian)
	  tested on win98 perl v5.8.0.
	- fixed some warnings on non Win32 platforms (Tested on Linux)
1.04  Sat Dec 11 13:35:21 2004
	- Code optimization
	- Better test
	- $Term::Inkey::BAD_RKEY and $Term::Inkey::BAD_CLS
	  that can be used to force readkey and cls to a
          vary basic form. (trying to help Dave Peak)