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Revision history for Test-BrewBuild-Plugin-TestAgainst

0.06    2016-04-03
        - removed unneeded prereq of Test::BrewBuild, which was causing a
          recursive dependency issue (fixes stevieb9/test-brewbuild#60)(thanks
          for the report, Slaven Rezić)
        - POD updates
        - removed erroneous extra package statement

0.05    2016-03-31
        - finalized DATA section

0.04    2016-03-29
        - due to windows and its %PATH% and other issues, we had to change the
          format of the plugins to individual lines, so that the nix/win
          layout of the commands could be integrated and tested more easily

0.03    2016-03-25
        - an initial throwaway shift() has been standardized due to fixes in
          the plugin execution code in Test::BrewBuild::exec()

0.02    2016-03-24
        - added check to verify we have to shift off a a caller before
          retrieving the module name in brewbuild_exec()
        - fixed bug where if the module is called more than once per run, the
          DATA file handle is empty after the first one

0.01    2016-03-24
        - takes a module name as a parameter to brewbuild_exec, and tests that
          module against the current revision of the one you're working on