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Revision history for Test-Config-System

0.63    2007-07-24
        Added LICENSE file and parameter to Makefile.PL

0.62    2007-07-18
        Changed explicit 'return undef's to bare 'return's.

0.61    2007-07-18
        Tiny doc patch (removed the bit about being untested on windows)

0.60    2007-07-17
        Added t/warnings.t to test warnings.
        Added t/failures.t to test failure conditions.
        Found several untested branches with Devel::Cover, added tests.
        Return undef if package manager is unsupported.
        Made _installedp() safer.

0.51    2007-07-16
        Added Test::Builder's skip() to exports.

0.50    2007-07-13
        Added check_any_package
        Moved the generic package checking code to a private sub.

0.40    2007-07-08
        Added RPM support to check_package

0.32    2007-07-06
        Fixed formatting of the ``Examples'' in the POD.

0.31    2007-07-06
        Additional documentation, clarification, and formatting.

0.30    2007-07-06
        Renamed check_file to check_file_contents
        Added check_file as an analogue to check_dir

0.22    2007-07-05
        Fixed reference bug in check_dir

0.21    2007-07-02
        Clarified documentation for -mode in check_dir

0.20    2007-07-02
        Added check_dir

0.12    2007-07-02
        Doc patch (cleaned up FUNCTIONS section)

0.11    2007-07-02
        Some AUTOLOAD magic

0.10    2007-06-29
        Renamed file_contains -> check_file
        Added check_link

0.03    2007-06-27
        More doc patches.

0.02    2007-06-27
        Fixed a bug in the tests and updated the docs, as suggested
        by [naikonta].

0.01    2007-06-25
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.