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Revision history for Test-Dependencies

0.32    2023-05-07
        * Fix dist.ini preventing uploading all deps

0.31    2023-05-07
        * Strip __END__ and __DATA__ sections before searching the code
        * Prevent loading of CPAN::Meta and File::Find::Rule when
          'legacy' feature is disabled
        * Check that File::Find::Rule::Perl is installed for all tests

0.30    2020-11-08
        * Recognize 'use v5.10;', 'use 5.008001;' and 'use 5.10.1;' as
          a minimum version pragma, not a module

0.29    2020-10-10
        * Eliminate masked variable warning

0.28    2020-08-30
        * Modules which had no minimum required version (but were
          required!) *and* were removed from CORE incorrectly fail the
          'declaration required' test

0.27    2020-08-30
        * Modules can be removed without having been deprecated; 0.26 assumed
          deprecation before removal -- this release corrects that
        * Use MetaCPAN parseable dates in Changes

0.26    2020-08-30
        * Fix uninitialized variable warnings when in 'forward_compatible' mode
        * Upgrade Module::CoreList dep to 5.20200620 to include Perl 5.32
          module status in tests

0.25    2020-08-30
        * New 'forward_compatible' option to stop 'plan' being emitted
          from import() - ie. in the use statement.
          Use this option to be 1.0 compatible
        * Documentation correction for ok_dependencies() 'ignores' parameter.
        * Fix 'ignores' matching only modules where it is documented to
          specify the root of a namespace hierarchy
        * Don't fail on requirements which have been deprecated from CORE
        * Integrate dependency scanner in main module, removing

0.24    2019-09-19
        * Adjust dependency declaration; CPAN::Meta::Requirements is now
          a separate dist; we are using 'requirements_for_module' which
          was added after our minimum CPAN::Meta requirement

0.23    2016-08-21
        * load tests don't fail on Test::More 1.30, but do on many versions
          before it; increase minimum requirement (we'll phase out the old
          interface at some point to resolve this issue for good though)

0.22    2016-08-20
        * don't run load tests when Test::More is version 1.1.14; it has a bug
          leading to our tests to fail incorrectly (something about plan
          being output more than once)

0.21    2016-07-10
        * fix test breakage all over the place (thanks @kentfredrick)
        * report the minimum required version in error, instead of the
          installed-and-loaded version

0.20    2016-06-29
        * only test files identified as 'Perl files' by File::Find::Rule::Perl
        * add support for testing runtime, test, devel deps separately
        * add support for cpanfile declared dependencies
        * add support for declaring minimum Perl version (used to test
          the list of core modules)
        * ... and more ...

0.12    2009-11-15
        * don't report "perl" being a required dependency when a
          minimum perl version is listed in META.yml

0.11    2007-12-27
        * tests no longer run under taint mode so that
          CPAN testers don't fail tests

0.10    2007-12-27
        * let users choose which method of module usage checking to use

0.09    2007-12-26
        * work around bug in IPC::Cmd that prevented module from working
        * don't complain if specified dependencies are in core

0.08    2006-07-25
        * now using IPC::Cmd for subprocess communication (to avoid
          cross-platform issues)

0.07    2006-07-20
        * added empty dummy file because Module::Install does not
          package empty directories

0.06    2006-07-19
        * better test descriptions when Makefile.PL contains
          extraneous requires calls
        * no_index'd t-data
        * forgot to bump version number in pod
          and forgot date in changelog in last revision

0.05    2006-07-18
        * removed references to test_pass (and upped
          Test::Builder::Tester dep to 0.64)
        * rearranged changelog
        * added tests for empty files and directories

0.04    2006-07-15
        * Properly specify the dependency on Test::Builder::Tester 0.63.
        * handle empty files

0.03    2006-07-11
        Moved to a B::PerlReq backend for determining usage.  We
        also now use the META.yml file to determine what is listed in
        Makefile.PL.  We now differentiate between requires and
        build_requires, and complain if listed requirements are not
        actually used.

0.02    2006-06-21
        Minor POD cleanups

0.01    2006-06-21
        First release, based on Jifty's 00-dependencies.t