Revision history for Test-EOL

2.02      2020-12-07 07:08:39Z
  - fix failing test on MSWin32

2.01      2020-12-06 00:39:19Z
  - better matching on files, directories to be ignored (e.g. no longer
    confuses directory "vincent" for "inc") - closes RT#133862, PR #1
  - handle long @INC lines by passing through $PERL5LIB (Father Chrysostomos,

2.00      2017-05-03 22:38:59Z
  - Update documentation for starting point change in version 1.5
  - Check *.pod files as well as *.pm, *.pl and *.t (RT#82032)
  - repository has moved to GitHub

1.6       2015-07-31 04:51:00Z
  - Add 'no_test' import option to allow more composability
    (Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt)

1.5 2012-09-08
  - Change to default to searching for trailing whitespace from the
    current directory downwards (as tests are run from the top of a dist
    normally), rather than one directory above the test file, as then
    we don't work as expected if tests are in t/author or similar. RT#66177

1.4 2012-09-08
  - Properly fix Win32. RT#76037

1.3 2012-06-15
   - Fix to ignore inc/ directory used by Module::Install.

1.2 2012-06-14
   - Fix bad regex matching directories containing 'svn', not just .svn'
     directories. RT#75968

1.1  2012-01-16
    - Fix test fails on < 5.8 perls
    - Fix t/13-latin1.t failures on Win32 and under TB1.5

1.0  2012-01-05
    - Fix misleading test failure diagnostics when only issue are
      trailing whitespaces
    - No longer blindly assume utf8 on input files (RT#59877)
    - Properly document testing options

0.9  2010-06-16
    - Fix warnings on very old perls (
      (Closes: RT#58442)

0.8  2010-06-11
    - Use binmode :raw for input/output. Solves win32 translating the
      \r\n character into \n's silently during input (Kent Fredric).
    - Add an ( currently undocumeted ) all_reasons option to show
      every line that is broken (Kent Fredric).
    - Add visualising of invisible characters that match the regex
      (Kent Fredric).

0.7  2010-03-03
    - Deal correctly with -I includes paths that include spaces in the
      tests to stop them unexpectedly failing.
    - Remove shelling out to the system rm command in the tests
      to avoid nasty warnings on Win32.
    - Remove warning from test diagnostics

0.6  2010-01-19
     - I'm so bad at this!  Fix another logic error that made all files fail
       when using trailing_whitespace option (fREW)

0.5  2010-01-19
     - Fix logic fail that made all filenames the same if a user uses the
       trailing_whitespace option (fREW)

0.4  2010-01-19
     - Add checks for trailing whitespace (fREW)

0.3  2009-07-18
     - Fix File::Find regex which I had broken.

0.2  2009-07-17
     - Pod corrections pointed out by daxim in #moose

0.1  2009-07-15
     - Module created and released on an unsuspecting world.