0.30  Tue Jan  8 14:33:02 PST 2008
    Forgot to make it install into the core directory and overlay the
    existing module [spotted by imcat]

0.29  Wed Oct 17 18:42:23 EDT 2007
    Forgot to update the MANIFEST to contain the testing copy of if.pm

0.28  Wed Oct 17 02:30:16 EDT 2007
    Downgraded to the version from Test::Harness 2.64.  The alpha has bugs.

0.27  Tue Oct 16 16:02:03 EDT 2007
    A separate distribution of Straps.pm forked off of Test::Harness 2.65_02.
    It is provided for backwards compatibility only.  For customized TAP
    parsing please use TAP::Parser.
    Past changes to Straps can be found in the Test::Harness distribution.