Revision history for Test-Is.

20140823.1    2014-08-23    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Added missing documentation for the perl version check feature.

20140823     2014-08-23    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	New feature: perl version check: use Test::Is 'perl v5.10.0';
	Coded and released from Sofia, at YAPC::EU::2014.

20130423     2013-04-23    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Fix environment variable name (NON_INTERACTIVE =>
          NONINTERACTIVE_TESTING) now that the final spec of the Lancaster has
	  been published.
	POD: add links to the spec.

20130414.1    2013-04-19    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Fix t/simulation.t for perl < 5.14

20130414     2013-04-16    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Initial release.
	Work started at the Perl QA Hackathon 2013, just after the
	  #LancasterConsensus on environment variables for skipping tests.
	Work finished (well, for this release) in the train on my way back to