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Revision history for Test-Kit

2.16    2023-07-25
        - Add support for newer Perls and (

2.15    2016-06-06
        - Add back one Test-Simple 1.3 special case for strict/warnings
        - Remove Test::Aggregate tests
        - Update POD

2.14    2015-11-26
        - Remove special cases for Test::Builder 1.3 - they are no longer
          needed for Test::Kit to work under the latest DEV release of
          Test::Builder/Test::Stream :-)

2.13    2014-12-21
        - Add support and tests for including 'strict' and 'warnings' pragmata
          in test kits. Not sure this is the best implementation, but it seems
          to work on a wide range of Perl versions and Test::Builder versions
          so I'm calling it good enough, until CPAN Testers or bug reports tell
          me otherwise.
        - Unfortunately had to add a new dependency on Hook::LexWrap for
          strict/warnings support.
        - Small POD change where I still accidentally referenced the obsolete
          Provider stuff.
        - Couple new tests proving that test kits can do things they already
          could do.

2.12    2014-12-10
        - Let's just pretend 2.11 never happened shall we...
        - Remove support for the experimental Test::Builder::Provider-based
          version of Test::Builder. It'll never go stable, and nobody uses it!
        - Fix up the $Test::Builder::VERSION checks so that they will work when
          Test::Builder 1.301001 becomes the stable release
        - Thanks again Chad!

2.11    2014-12-10
        - Support for the latest Test::Builder dev release using
          Test::Stream::Toolset to make Test::Kit work. Lovely.
        - Thanks once again to Chad Granum for his support!

2.10    2014-08-27
        - Huge overhaul of the internals for Test::Builder::Provider
        - Still backwards compatible for older versions of Test::Builder
        - Solved the scalar export issue while I was at it
        - Thanks to Chad Granum and Karen Etheridge for their help!

2.02    2014-07-17
        - Add the fake package to %INC for newer import::into

2.01    2014-05-16
        - Bug fix: don't trigger "already has an import" ourselves
        - CPAN Testers: set minimum perl version to 5.10.0
        - Add missing Test::Pod dependency to dist.ini

2.00    2014-05-15
        - Complete rewrite of Test::Kit by Alex Balhatchet

0.101   2009-10-21
        - List Test::Most as a dependency.  Reported by Andreas Koenig at

0.100   2009-10-18
        - Production release.
        - Pod patches from Gabrielle Roth
        - Fixed bug where Test::Most and Test::More clash.

0.02    2008-08-15
        - Added Test::Differences as a build dependency.
        - Added a version number to Test::Kit::Features.

0.01    2008-08-14
        - Basic functionality.  Compose tests and limited test features.