Revision history for Test-Kwalitee

1.28      2019-02-02 19:29:29Z
    - fix taint-mode tests to accomodate failures with Module::CPANTS::Analyse
      0.99 (insecure loading of a backend implementation)

1.27      2017-11-05 18:45:40Z
    - make taint test TODO when is not current (see RT#118087)

1.26      2017-05-11 12:04:49Z
    - bump Test::More prereq for (fully) working subtests
    - properly detect the xt/ caller condition when running kwalitee_ok
      directly (RT#120824)

1.25      2017-02-28 03:21:28Z
    - fix test to not rely on . in @INC

1.24      2016-10-14 01:22:27Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - new test for compatibility in taint mode

1.23      2016-10-14 01:17:11Z
    - update the list of metrics to the latest Module::CPANTS::Analyse

1.22      2014-08-16 03:25:59Z
    - do not stop running tests at the first failure (broken since 1.20)

1.21      2014-08-16 00:12:37Z
    - document metrics added in Module::CPANTS::Analyse 0.93_03

1.20      2014-08-10 02:57:00Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - running the tests via the import method directly has been deprecated;
      the new kwalitee_ok() function is added to provide a more sane and
      logical layout to your tests.

1.19      2014-07-19 17:01:08Z
    - kwalitee-metrics script now includes the module version as well as the
      name, for each metric provided
    - remove test that is rendered invalid with upcoming changes to
      Test::Builder (1.005+)
    - document new metrics added in Module::CPANTS::Analyse 0.93_01

1.18      2014-01-22 04:47:40Z
    - updated list of available metrics

1.17      2013-10-20 21:49:31Z
    - oops, fixed tests that break when AUTHOR_TESTING is not set

1.16      2013-10-20 21:44:53Z
    - now printing even more diagnostics on error (as much as we have

1.15      2013-09-25 03:12:20Z
    - re-release with fixed compile test

1.14      2013-09-04 01:38:29Z
    - updated inaccurate test prereq

1.13      2013-08-21 20:03:31Z
    - added missing abstract for kwalitee-metrics script
    - no longer issuing a warning if the test is running from xt/ (see v1.10)

1.12      2013-08-01 23:09:47Z
    - adjusted tests to compensate for changes made in Module::CPANTS::Analyse

1.11      2013-07-30 00:27:36Z
    - added missing kwalitee-metrics executable to the distribution

1.10      2013-07-29 00:18:31Z
    - we now issue a warning if running when neither AUTHOR_TESTING or
      RELEASE_TESTING environment variables or set
    - test level adjusted, so location of failing test is correct
    - include a script to dump all metrics ("kwalitee-metrics")

1.09      2013-07-18 17:34:33Z
    - the has_test_pod, has_test_pod_coverage tests have been removed - they
      are classified as 'extra', and have been largely considered to be a bad
      idea anyway (these are often shipped as, and ought to be, in xt/)
    - the extractable test has been removed, as it does nothing in dists
      before there is a tarball present
    - new tests have been added: all standard kwalitee tests that can be run
      on a bare distribution without a tarball

1.08      2013-07-16 00:59:47Z
    - documentation fixed to reflect what indicators are actually available
    - metric names are no longer hardcoded, so Module::CPANTS::Analyse has
      more freedom to add and remove metrics

1.07      2013-06-28 19:22:00Z
    - now the indicators are run in the exact order they are returned
      from Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::*, as some tests depend on the results of
      earlier tests (charsbar)
    - synopsis updated to recommend a better way to run this module, ensuring
      that it is not run by cpantesters or at installation time
    - we no longer create a function in our namespace for every metric we are
      going to test -- this should not break anyone, as these subs were never
      documented as part of the public API

1.06      2013-05-13 21:15:33Z
    - restore previous behaviour of plan()ing in import, to unbreak some
      dists that didn't follow the docs (which in this case is ok since it's a
      horrible idea for a Test module to plan itself anyway) (v1.05)
    - more diagnostic data is printed when a test fails (RT#85107)

1.05      2013-05-13 00:17:32Z
    - more rigorous testing of output; (in order to make this possible) now we
      do END { done_testing } instead of planning a test count

1.04      2013-04-28 15:55:17Z
    - re-release with bumped developer prereqs to depend on a higher version
      of Test::More for t/00-compile.t and t/00-check-deps.t (RT#84900)

1.03      2013-04-27 12:49:31Z
    - fixed documentation to refer to the proper names of Kwalitee tests
      (RT#24506) (thanks, Gavin Sherlock!)
    - cleaned up partially-botched distribution metadata and README

1.02      2013-03-31 21:58:52Z
    - no operational changes - re-releasing under new management via github
      and Dist::Zilla

1.01      2008-08-14
    - no entry made

1.00      2008-08-14 05:03:02Z
    - fixed code to work with modern Module::CPANTS::Analyse (Elliot Shank,
        Xavier Caron, Heiko EiƟfeldt, and probably others)
    - removed old code I don't want to support (Makefile.PL)

0.30      2006-03-03 19:01:56Z
    - fix test plan count for including and excluding tests (Chris Dolan)
    - improve test coverage to check for that, too
    - added signature and signature test

0.20      2006-03-03 07:40:06Z
    - added documentation
    - fixed include and exclude tests (thanks to Chris Dolan)
    - suppress weird CPANTS warnings (they didn't think I would do it this way)

0.10      2006-02-15 05:06:25Z
    - hey, this version actually works
    - releasing to my web site, not the CPAN
    - still needs docs and, ironically, more tests

0.01      2004-04-07 05:57:17Z
    - proof of concept
    - initial release
    - either know what you're doing or don't use this