Change log for Test::Pod

1.52  2018-04-19
    * *.psgi files are now recognized as pod-containing files (thanks, Tom
    * explicit perl 5.8 dependency removed

1.51  2015-07-04 20:36:53Z
    * convert tooling from Module::Build to ExtUtils::MakeMaker (resolves
      circular dependency with MB on perl 5.21+)

1.50  2015-05-28T21:42:48Z
    * Restored support for ignoring directories listed in
      `%Test::Pod::ignore_dirs`, inadvertently dropped by the switch to
      File::Find in v1.46. Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the report and diagnosis!

1.49  2015-05-12T17:30:58Z
    * Changed license in the README to "Same as Perl" to match the license
      listed in `META.yml`, and in the POD as of v1.42.
    * Tightened up the heuristic for matching Perl batch files to require
      that the file end in `.bat`, as described in the documentation.
      Patch from Luca Ferrari.
    * Simplified some of the matching code. Patch from Luca Ferrari.
    * Transferred ownership of the repository to the perl-pod organization on
    * Removed the Pod testing test from the distribution. Seems silly for a
      module designed for testing Pod, right? But it's considered best
      practice to do Pod testing in development only, not in a release.

1.48 - 2013-05-06T04:47:00Z
    * Fixed test failure with versions of Pod::Simple lower than 3.24. Thanks
      to Martin Holste and Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the reports.

1.47 - 2013-05-05T03:14:25Z
    * Fixed failing test on Pod::Simple 3.27 and higher.

1.46 - 2013-02-16T19:46:17Z
    * Fixed a crash when `all_pod_files_ok()` finds no files to test. Thanks
      to H.Merijn Brand.
    * Switched from custom file searching code to File::Find. Suggested by
      H.Merijn Brand.
    * Fixed failing test on Pod::Simple 3.24.

1.45 - 2011-03-09T20:00:59
    * Removed Module::Build from `build_requires`, since it does nothing
      out-of-the ordinary, and this keeps it out of the `Makefile.PL`'s
      `PM_PREREQ`. Per gripe from Peter Scott.

1.44 - 2010-04-26T17:33:02
    * Restored the `Makefile.PL` by using Module::Build::Compat's
      "traditional" configuration.

1.43 - 2010-04-21T02:33:59
    * Reduced prereq for Test::More to 0.62, prereq for Pod::Simple to 3.05,
      and added File::Spec to the list of prereqs. The prerequisites were
      needlessly high, and by reducing them Test::Pod can rely on the core
      versions of those modules in on Perl 5.8.8. Thanks to Chris Wittmer for
      the patch.

1.42 - 2010-03-10T19:41:20
    * Fixed invalid Pod link. Thanks to Markus Sonderegger.
    * Changed license in the POD to "Same as Perl" to match the license listed in
    * Changed `Build.PL` to require Module::Build 0.30. It already does in
      `configure_requires`, but also doing so on the `use` line helps provide
      a more useful error message in older toolchain tools that don't use
    * Updated `MANIFEST` so that the `README` is actually included in the
    * Now recognizes `.bat` files as Perl files when they contain
      "--*-Perl-*--" on the first line. Thanks to Olivier 'dolmen' Mengué for
      the patch (RT #46973).
    * `all_pod_files_ok()` now operates on directories as well as files.
      Thanks to Adriano Ferreira for the patch (RT #33025).
    * Files with no POD now have " (no pod)" added to test name. Thanks to
      Adriano Ferreira for the patch (RT #34955).
    * Updated documentation to note that `.PL` files are considered Perl
      files. Thanks to Adriano Ferreira for the spot (RT #34955).
    * `all_pod_files_ok()` now lets `pod_file_ok()` set the default test name,
      rather than doing so itself. Thanks to Adriano Ferreira for the spot (RT

1.41 - 2010-01-14T20:09:25
    * Maintenance transfered to David Wheeler.
    * Test::Pod no longer complains about the construct L<text|url>, as it is
      no longer illegal (as of Perl 5.11.3).
    * Switched to Module::Build.

1.40 - Sun Jul 12 23:32:11 CDT 2009
    Test::Pod now requires Perl 5.8.0.

    Test::Pod now complains about the illegal construct L<text|url>.
    Thanks to Paul Miller.

    The list of directories to exclude is now much longer, and is
    available in %Test::Pod::ignore_dirs.  This list is right now:

        '.bzr' => 'Bazaar',
        '.git' => 'Git',
        '.hg'  => 'Mercurial',
        '.pc'  => 'quilt',
        '.svn' => 'Subversion',
        CVS    => 'CVS',
        RCS    => 'RCS',
        SCCS   => 'SCCS',
        _darcs => 'darcs',
        _sgbak => 'Vault/Fortress',

1.26 - Wed Jul 19 09:54:48 CDT 2006

    No new functionality in this version.

    * Fixed a Win32 build bug.
    * Fixed a bug in the SYNOPSIS.

1.24 - Wed Feb  1 15:18:06 PST 2006
    * The long-deprecated pod_ok() is now gone, along with all its

    * Now runs properly under VMS.  Thanks to Peter Edwards.

1.22 - Sun Oct 23 23:45:51 CDT 2005
    * Added check for lines with only whitespace before or after a
      directive.  Older POD formatters can get confused by such
      lines since they goof up paragraph mode. (RT #6467)

    * Bumped up requirements to Test::Simple 0.62.

1.20 - Wed Jun 23 00:28:35 CDT 2004
    * Looks in blib/ if there is one, otherwise looks in lib/
    * Thanks to David Wheeler for nudging.

1.18 - Fri May 28 23:48:28 CDT 2004
    * Now exports all_pod_files() as advertised.
    * Also includes *.t files as Pod.

1.16 - Fri Apr 30 17:42:50 CDT 2004
    * Fixed a warning under 5.8.3.  Also explicitly closes dir handles
      when searching for POD.

1.14 - Wed Apr 28 23:38:29 CDT 2004
    * Now runs taint-safe.  No longer uses File::Find.  I'm trying to
      get all my modules to run under -T correctly, so this is big.

1.12 - Sat Mar 13 10:34:06 CST 2004
    * all_pod_files() now picks up *.PL files.

1.10 - Tue Mar  9 23:27:16 CST 2004
    * Almost all of my coverage is almost to 100%.

    * Fixed some test bugs on Win32.
    * Message problems if the file is missing.

1.08 - Wed Jan 21 00:40:07 CST 2004
    No new features or fixes.

    * t/all_pod_files.t failed because in my zeal to be a good
      cross-platform guy, I used File::Spec separators on lists to
      compare against those coming from File::Find, which uses slashes.

1.06 - Sat Jan 10 08:47:55 CST 2004
    No new features or fixes.

    * t/all_pod_files.t failed because all_pod_files() returns an
      unsorted list.  Fixed.

1.04 - Fri Jan  9 22:39:15 CST 2004
    * all_pod_files() can now take multiple start directories.
      Thanks to David Wheeler for the patch.

    * All the *ok() functions now return the value of the underlying ok().

    * All functions are now documented.

    * Removed valid_file, which was not being used.

1.02 - Mon Nov 10 09:07:39 CST 2003
    No new functionality.  If 1.00 installed for you, then you don't
    need 1.02.

    * Fixed dumb test failure in t/all_pod_files.t.

    * Spiffed up the SYNOPSIS.

1.00 - Mon Nov 10 00:06:30 CST 2003
    * Added all_pod_files_ok() method.

0.96 - Sat Oct 11 22:46:00 CST 2003
    * Removed dependency on IO::Scalar, which was wrong.
    * Requires newest, most-lenient Pod::Simple.
    * Added various tests to the t/ hierarchy.  Thanks to David Wheeler
      for help on this.

0.95 - Mon Mar  3 09:35:00 CST 2002
    * Rewrote to use Pod::Simple instead of Pod::Checker
    * Deprecated the pod_ok function.
    * Added pod_file_ok() to replace pod_ok().

0.90 - Tue Dec  3 18:59:39 CST 2002
    * things seem to be going well, so this is not in beta :)
    * cleanup up some formatting
    * fixed the bad pod test which some Pod::Checker versions reported
      extra errors

0.72 - Thu Nov 14 20:16:13 CST 2002
    * cleaned up Makefile.PL and tests
    * no code changes

0.71 - Mon Sep  9 10:58:22 CDT 2002
    * added Test::Builder::Tester to PREREQ_PM

0.70 - Thu Sep  5 22:39:13 CDT 2002
    * pod_ok shows POD errors and warnings if it fails
    * you can give the test a name