Revision history for Test-Portability-Files

0.10      2019-01-06 15:43:08+01:00 Europe/Vienna
        - update POD about windows reserved file tests
        - add tests for windows reserved file tests
        - fix bug with windows reserved file tests so that files like "con.dat.txt" will fail
        - add missing error text for windows reserved tests
        - add Pod::Weaver configuration

0.09      2017-12-31 11:30:04+01:00 Europe/Vienna
        - fix regex for windows reserved files (RT#123972)
        - add tests, now requires Perl 5.008

0.08      2017-12-30 14:39:55+01:00 Europe/Vienna
        - add windows_reserved option to test for Windows reserved filenames

0.07      2016-09-21 23:49:46+02:00 Europe/Vienna
        - relax the ansi_chars check to allow for . and _ as the leading
          character of a filename

0.06      2012-11-12 19:24:46 Europe/Vienna
        - created git repository on
        - converted to Dist::Zilla
        - fixed options cannot take a false value (RT#21631)
        - disabled AmigaOS and Mac OS Classic tests by default because they are
          no longer supported by Perl itself (RT#12182)
        - updated synopsis to show recommended author-only usage (RT#43948)

0.05    2004.11.21
        Bugfix: corrected test for special chars
        Bugfix: disabled calling test_name_portability() on individual 
        directory names

0.04    2004.10.20
        Bugfix: now using ExtUtils::Manifest::maniread() to read MANIFEST.

0.03    2004.09.25
        Directory names are also tested in normal mode. 
        Added test_dir_noext to check that directories have no extension. 
        Corrected several typos and mistakes in the documentation. 

0.02_01 2004.07.28
        Small changes in the documentation.
        Added test script t/01basic.t

0.02    2004.07.04
        Added test_symlink to check if a file is not a symbolic link. 
        Added test_vms_length to check against VMS limitations. 
        Added test_amiga_length to check against AmigaOS limitations. 
        Added section "SEE ALSO".
        Corrected my email address (d'oh!)

0.01    2004.06.26
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.