Change history for Test-RequiresInternet

0.05        2015-05-25
            Fix test error when NO_NETWORK_TESTING is set (Karen Etheridge,
            RT#101996, GH#3)

0.04        2015-01-29
	    Test::More prior to 0.88 (included with perl 5.10.1)
	    does not support the done_testing() function.  Revert
	    to a test plan to support older perls. Thanks to 
	    Paul Howarth for the patch.                  (GH#2)

0.03        2014-09-06
            Some Test::More instances get very cranky 
	    when there are no "real" tests at all in
	    a test file. Add one. Thanks to David
	    Farrell for the patch.                       (GH#1)

0.02        2014-07-02
            Use 'require_ok' instead of 'use_ok' so we 
            don't run import() in environments where no
            network is available.                        (RT #96892)

0.01        2014-06-24
            Initial release