Revision history for Test-Resub

2.03    * Better failed tests reporting
2.02    * Fix for resubbing 'new' in Moose classes
        * Add repo url to Makefile.PL (thanks dsteinbrunner)
        * deep_copy is no longer on by default; it's now off by default.
2.01    There actually was no 2.00 release of this module; the notes for 2.00
        apply to 2.01.
2.00    Re-release to CPAN under new maintainer. Changes include a few minor
        bug fixes, removal of ->unique_args and ilk, and support for Moose
        methods with 'before' and 'after' advice applied to them. Additionally,
        the library has been largely rewritten not to use inside-out objects,
        which makes extending this much easier.
1.06    Added ->unique_args and ilk
1.05    Small doc cleanup
        Added test for resub()
1.04    Cleanup of error messages: our croak()s no longer look like they come
        from within Class::Std.
1.03    Workarounds for perl 5.8.0 to allow basic functionality.
        Match prototypes; should eliminate prototype-mismatch warnings.
        Don't create functions without the 'create' flag.
        Allow for optional deep-copying of captured arguments.
1.02    Remove stale proprietary-license text. (Spotted by Joe Arnold)
        To clarify, this module is released under the same terms as Perl itself.
1.01    Documentation fixes
1.00    Initial release