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Revision history for Test-Routine

0.031     2023-04-11 21:37:45-04:00 America/New_York
        - The run_test method now returns the pass/fail of the subtest
          represented by a test method.  Since run_test is often around-ed, you
          may need to adjust how you modify its return!
          Thanks, Matthew Horsfall.

0.030     2023-01-05 19:03:17-05:00 America/New_York
        - this version of Test-Routine now requires Perl v5.12 (but its prereqs
          already did)
        - remove the run_* exports from Test::Routine::Runner, as foretold in
          the year 2010

0.029     2022-12-31 19:35:50-05:00 America/New_York
        - update author contact info

0.028     2021-06-18 21:32:22-04:00 America/New_York
        - update author contact info
        - add perl-support clause

0.027     2018-08-26 21:40:35-04:00 America/New_York
        - no changes since 0.026

0.026     2018-07-15 12:14:57-04:00 America/Toronto (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - add test_routine_test_traits method to apply more traits to test
        - add skip_reason to test objects to allow them to say "skip me on this
        - drop use of undocumented "with_caller" feature from Moose::Exporter

0.025     2017-04-13 17:43:19-04:00 America/New_York
        - remove fresh_instance; it wasn't documented, and it probably was not
          going to work out
        - the Runner no longer caches the test_instance, so its BUILD and
          DEMOLISH should now be called usefully
        - Test::Routine::Common now adds stub BUILD and DEMOLISH so you can use
          method modifiers on them

0.024     2017-01-16 13:03:18-05:00 America/New_York
        - tests are now run with Test::Abortable's subtest() instead of
          Test2::API directly; this means they can be safely aborted with
          exceptions that conform to the Test::Abortable rules; see its docs
          for more information

0.023     2016-11-28 17:41:32+11:00 Australia/Melbourne
        - When running subtests, use Test2::API rather than Test::More.
          This means that Test::Routine tests that never use Test::Builder for
          their own testing won't load it at all, but it also means that you'll
          need to be on a pretty recent Test-Simple distribution.
        - (no code changes from 0.022, just a non-trial release)

0.022     2016-07-18 20:13:38-04:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - fix the mxms.t tests for Test2 changes (really, we should update the
          tests to use an event-intercepting hub for our tests)

0.021     2016-07-18 12:45:57-04:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - When running subtests, use Test2::API rather than Test::More.
          This means that Test::Routine tests that never use Test::Builder for
          their own testing won't load it at all, but it also means that you'll
          need to be on a pretty recent Test-Simple distribution.

0.020     2014-09-01 22:02:27-04:00 America/New_York
        - generation of Test::Routine::Manual::Demo is fixed
        - notice another possible case of name conflict; we may change how this
          works in the future, but only safely

0.019     2014-07-04 09:54:01-04:00 America/New_York
        - cope with alternate indenting of subtest leader

0.018     2014-01-11 14:13:19-05:00 America/New_York
        - avoid an uninitialized warning on 5.8 from new TEST_METHOD code

0.017     2013-12-03 21:38:07 America/New_York
        - add TEST_METHOD env var to limit tests run (thanks,
          Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker!)

0.016     2013-10-25 22:33:15 America/New_York
          update mxms.t to handle Test::Builder 0.99

          replace use of Class::MOP::load_class with Class::Load

0.015     2012-03-16 16:37:21 America/New_York
          correct run_me to work with a single hashref argument

0.014     2011-09-11 08:47:21 America/New_York
          fix a nit in the SYNOPSIS: the runner is run_me not test_me (thanks,
          Alex White!)

0.013     2011-09-08 16:46:01 America/New_York

          MooseX::Method::Signatures is not a prereq, it's optionally used in
          some tests; the dist prereqs have been corrected to reflect this

0.012     2011-06-01 22:09:50 America/New_York

          reject test names that conflict with Moose::Object methods

0.011     2011-05-31 10:49:59 America/New_York

          install tests with package separators in their name under munged
          names (bug reported by Piers Cawley)

0.010     2011-04-07 23:06:32 America/New_York

          interoperate with MooseX::Method::Signatures (thanks, Jesse Luehrs)

0.009     2011-02-06 21:24:22 America/New_York

          eliminate the 5.12-only ... operator

0.008     2011-02-03 21:02:08 America/New_York

          eliminate a bogus prereq; sorry about that; thanks Glenn Fowler

0.007     2011-02-03 16:21:44 America/New_York

          We now forbid two tests with the same name.  This may seem to be
          backwards incompatible, but the previous behavior was to silently
          replace each test in turn, so that tests written would simply not
          run.  To allow safer routine composition, we have made duplicate
          names fatal, rather than adding arbitrary distinguishing suffixes.

0.006     2011-01-26 15:27:00 America/New_York
          correctly generate the Demo.pod (thanks, Yanick Champoux)

0.005     2010-12-19 21:53:36 America/New_York
          tiny but critical bug in synopsis (thanks, Piers Cawley)

0.004     2010-10-27 19:46:19 America/New_York
          correct a bug in test execution order

0.003     2010-10-18 23:02:32 America/New_York
          PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CODE:  run_* now come from Test::Runner::Util

0.002     2010-09-30 09:26:43 America/New_York
          lower required perl to 5.8.x

          raise required Test::More to 0.96

0.001     2010-09-29 11:25:57 America/New_York
          first release