1.02 Fix for 5.26 not including '.' in INC, which was breaking the
     Module::Install stuff (thanks to preaction)

     Fix to link to the github repo (thanks to dsteinbrunner)

     Fix unnecesary warning caused by using /x (RT#88189)
     (Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt and Andrew Main)

1.00 Refactor build system to use Module::Install

     Add test for pod, perl critic.  Make pass.

     Make the ok, fail, pass, diag functions private

     Improve documentation

0.02 Change is_dodgy_utf8 to is_sane_utf8 after feedback from
     London.pm.  New name was Richard Clamp's idea.

     Fix missing use 5.007003 in Makefile.PL

0.01 Initial Release