Revision history for Perl extension Text::Diff::HTML.

0.08  2018-08-21T03:21:47
      - Update project metadata: The Perl Shop is now project
        maintainer, distribution homepage is now on MetaCPAN, and the
        project now includes an appropriate LICENSE file.

0.07  2011-06-26T05:48:03
      - Moved to [GitHub](
      - Switched to a static, rather than a generated README.

0.06  2009-04-07T16:13:05
      - Fixed a pasto in the "Support" section of the documentation.
      - Changed the documention from recommending that the diff output be
        wrapped in <pre> tags to suggesting instead that it be wrapped in an
        element that uses the CSS "white-space: pre". Reported by Pete Gillin
        (RT #24301).

0.05  2008-05-04T02:11:09
      - Added the "configure_requires" and "recommends" parameters to
      - Added a link to the Subversion repository.

0.04  2005-09-06T16:33:51
      - Swiched from <span class="ins"> and <span class="del"> to <ins>
        and <del> elements. Why didn't I notice those before? Sorry for yet
        another change in the XHTML, but this is more semantic, and I there-
        fore don't expect to change it again. Suggested by Lucas Carlson.
      - Rejiggered sample CSS in "eg/diff.css" for new XHTML elements and
        shorter background color specs.

0.03  2005-09-05T18:40:29
      - Improved CSS examples in "eg/diff.css" by using more specific
      - Minor code and documentation reformatting.

0.02  2005-09-04T17:01:59
      - Added "See Also" section to documentation.
      - Added <div>s for the whole file and for each hunk. Suggested by
        Marshall Roch.
      - Fixed a number of annoying documentation typos and improved the
        documentation of each XHTML element.

0.01  2005-09-03T18:29:21
      - Initial public release.