Revision history for perl program frundis.

2.15 2016-04-03

    - fixed interpolation of arguments in arguments for textual macros
    - reworked parsing (only parse once: faster)

2.14 2016-01-02

    - Use Text::Diff and File::DirCompare instead of "diff" in tests, to be
      more portable ("diff -ru" behaves differently on Solaris, and does not
      exist on Win32).
    - Fix escaping of special characters in image caption.

2.13 2016-01-01

    - Fix another issue with perls <= 5.12.5 (don't use "a" modifier in

2.12 2016-01-01

    - Fix issue with perls <= 5.12.5 (#110825)
      Skip a non portable test on win32.

2.11 2015-12-31

    - Fix some tests issues on FreeBSD. (#110788)
      Better diagnostics for tests of test.t.

2.10 2015-12-30

    - mainly some internal cleanups and factorizing.
      First release on CPAN.

2.09 2015-11-24

    - fixed bug in href in content.opf for images, and some other stuff related
      to images in epub.

2.08 2015-10-18

    - now Sm and Bm/Em macros can be used inline in some other macros,
      including, but not limited to, header macros.

2.07 2015-06-27

    - improved some error messages.
    - whitespace is now always any Unicode space character.
    - improved whitespace handling in some corner cases.
    - better handling of filehandles scope (internal).

2.06 2015-04-11

    - split in several modules, use Module::Build for distribution, and
      "cpanize" things in order to be able to upload in the future to CPAN.
    - add a module interface Text::Frundis. In particular, this allows to
      faster processing of many little independent files and, as a consequence,
      a faster test suite execution.
    - Print only chapters for table of contents summary, as in html. It used to
      have one more depth level.
    - add support for custom perl filters in Bf and If macros

2.5 2015-03-01

    - fixed bug in url escaping.

2.4 2015-02-21

    - handle multi-character punctuations delimiters such as ")." and the like
      without requiring to set "#fl ns". As before, "\&" can be used to don't
      interpret the argument as a delimiter.
    - fixed bug in Lk automatic labels (that is, when no label is provided).
      Non breaking spaces were added when lang was set to fr (the link itself
      was ok).

2.3.3 2015-02-14

    - minor fixes in manpages
    - added vim syntax file for frundis

2.3.2 2015-02-08

    - several minor fixes in manpages

2.3.1 2015-02-06

    - don't add non-breaking spaces in Bd -t literal blocks, as this doesn't
      make sense.

2.3.0 2015-02-06

    - If only a single quote character " appears after a space in a macro line,
      all the remaining line forms a single argument (previously no behaviour
      was specified for such cases).
    - now the "white space" separating arguments are always the white spaces
      characters of the ASCII range.
    - Some fixes and improvements to perl object interface. In particular, new
      flags can be defined.
    - now -columns argument in tables can also be for LaTeX a normal LaTeX
      specification, such as "|c|c|".
    - #if invocations can be nested
    - there is now a draft of a FAQ (in french only for now)
    - perl macros are compiled in a dedicated package (so name clashes are no
      more possible)

2.2.0 2015-01-29

    - manual identifiers (html "id" attribute, and LaTeX labels) can now be
      specified in Bd, Bm and Sm macros, and then be referenced with the Sx
    - poems can now be referenced with Sx.
    - new parameters can be created in perl macros, and then used by users with
      "X set" as with built-in parameters.
    - fixed bug in manual toc generation (that is, a Tc invocation) for EPUB
      output format.
    - many cleanups in the code.

2.1.0 2015-01-26

    - add method to get html href suitable for custom index generation and
    - add two methods for simple custom list of cross-references generation
    - fix incorrect value in html id after # in table cross-references.
    - Sx now gets a -t argument so that it can be used for tables, figures, or
      any user defined references.
    - fixed bug in variable reinitialization between passes

2.0.0 2015-01-24

    This is a major release, and there are some incompatibilities, specially
    for macros such as `de', `st', etc.

    - Dt and Dd macros are gone, now `.X set document-title' and `.X set
      document-date' should be used.
    - `de' and `st' were renamed to #de and #fl (flag) respectively.
    - de accepts now a -f option as many others macros, instead of an
      additional argument.
    - new #dv macro that allows to define variables that can be interpolated.
    - new #if macro that allows to ignore or not content according to a
      specific format and/or a boolean argument.
    - The Tc macro supports now many options. In particular, a -summary flag
      that reduces the depth of the table of contents, and a -mini flag that
      allows to print local table of contents, for example at the beginning of
      a chapter. Tc supports also list of figures and list of tables.
    - The #de macro supports a -perl flag that allows to define a new macro
      with perl code using a simple object-oriented api. This allows to extend
      frundis in practically any way. More object methods should come in the
    - support for EPUB3 version, and html5 through an `.X set' declaration. Now
      generated EPUB should be standard compliant.
    - parameter xhtml-index allows to customize index page in indexed html
    - many small bug fixes and improvements to documentation

1.4.2 2015-01-16 

    - add simple html coloration script for frundis source files in tools/
    - fix handling of allowed macro check for user defined macros.

1.4.1 2015-01-15 

    - improve diagnostics, many syntax errors are no more fatal. Add a level
      field in error format, in the spirit of the mandoc(1) program.
    - unit tests for all warnings
    - misc improvements to test-suite, and minor bug-fixes
    - added examples to man page

1.4.0 2015-01-14 

    - fixed handling of -ns option in Dd and Dt macros
    - improved significantly test coverage
    - new `.st' macro to change state. Currently, space mode can be set with
      this macro, and auto non-breaking space mode when lang is set to fr can
      be switched.

1.3.1 2015-01-13 

    - new P paragraph optional title wasn't escaped properly
    - several macro arguments weren't properly escaped

1.3.0 2015-01-11 

    - A punctuation character is no more considered a delimiter if it is the
      only argument in a Sm macro, which allows to not precede it by \& in such
    - Deprecate -c option of Ft and Bf macros, and issue a warning, as it is
      useless, a simple P macro before does the job.
    - Allow to attach a title to a paragraph (\paragraph{title} in LaTeX and <p
      class="paragraph"><strong class="paragraph">title</strong> in XHTMl).

1.2.0 2015-01-10 

    - implement -name option for Sx macro, to provide arbitrary text for the
      link text.
    - support for adding arbitrary epub metadata with epub-metadata parameter
    - (possibly breaking change) assume utf8, as this allows for better support
      for punctuation characters, and better automatic add of non-breaking
      spaces for french.  This means that files under another encoding should
      be converted to utf8 before passing them to frundis.
    - added support for filtering as-is text through external command
    - fixed navigation in multi-file XHTML when there are sections and

1.1.4 2015-01-04 

    - allow space between `.' and macro name, for better compatibility with
      roff syntax.
    - make epub-cover not mandatory in epub, as this wasn't documented anyway.
    - better diagnostic when epub-css file is specified, but doesn't exist.

1.1.3 2015-01-01 

    - warn if there are trailing spaces.
    - fixed line number in some diagnostics.
    - factorize "Processing" code.
    - lines with only a `.' with optional trailing space are no more an error,
      for better compatibility with roff syntax.
    - improved manpages.

1.1.2 2014-12-29 

    - improved/fixed paragraph handling: no important changes, apart avoiding
      empty paragraphs in html before headers and display blocks if a .P macro
      appears before, and allow for more fine-grained control in LaTeX of blank
      lines before and after display blocks.
    - fixed bug in handling of text just before a nested display block.

1.1.1 2014-12-28 

    - fixed issues in handling of automatic title-page in xhtml/epub
    - improved some diagnostics
    - minor improvements in manpage, including a complete example for
      generating EPUB
    - updated example stylesheet in examples/, and add example of LaTeX
      minimal preamble

1.1.0 2014-12-27 

    - fixed command line usage message, and improved diagnostics for wrong
      command line options
    - fixed some errors in frundis(1) manpage
    - added basic support for tables
    - improved diagnostics
    - minor fixes in frundis_syntax(5) manpage

1.0.0 2014-12-26 

    - First release