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Revision history for Perl extension Text::GenderFromName.

0.33 Tue Apr 20 15:07:51 CDT 2010

# Wow. People still use this! Fixed Makefile.PL to allow automated
# smoke tests.

0.30 Wed Jul 30 14:56:32 CDT 2003

# Version 0.30 is a significant departure from previous versions. By
# default, version 0.30 uses the U.S. Social Security Administration's
# "Most Popular Names of the 1980's" list of 1001 male first names and
# 1013 female first names. See CAVEATS in the pod documentation for
# details on this list.
# Version 0.30 also allows for arbitrary female and male hashed lists
# to be provided at run-time, and includes several built-ins to
# provide matches based on exclusivity, weight, metaphones, and both
# version 0.20 and version 0.10 regexp-style matching. The user can
# also specify additional match subroutines and change the match order
# at run-time.

0.2  Fri Oct 26 18:01:18 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -n Text::GenderFromName
# Version 0.2.  Module list status is "Rdpf."
# Two big changes between this and version 0.1:
# First, the gender() subroutine now returns "m" if none of the rules 
# trigger, instead of "undef".  This isn't meant to be sexist, but merely 
# to reflect that the original rules were organized such that male names
# were meant to "fall through" to the end.
# Second, I've appended a big list of names that gets searched first.
# This is counter to the spirit of the original code -- the whole point
# was that it used heuristics to guess at the gender rather than a 
# huge list of names.  But enough people have requested this that I 
# decided to add in the huge list, disk space be darned.