0.11    Wednesday 8th March, 2016
        Regenerated tarball on a linux machine (0.10 was released from OSX
        which added non-standard extended header attributes to the tar)

0.10    Wednesday 14th September, 2016
        Added ability to alter regex seperator (patch from Mark Fowler)
        Switch distribution packaging back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker (RT#104876)

0.09    Tuesday 22nd February, 2010
        Compiled documentation fixes (collected by Tom Hukins from fixes on rt.cpan)

0.08	Wednesday 2nd May, 2007
	Expose glob_to_regex_string (Joshua Hoblitt)

0.07	Friday 14th July, 2006
	Explictly quote @ and %.  Though they don't really need it to work
	normally, it's needed for when you roundtrip the
	regex back into text (like File::Find::Rule does).

0.06    Monday 1st September, 2003
	- port to Module::Build
        - Nested alternations fix from Mike Benson
0.05	15th August, 2002
	- !match_glob("*.foo", "foo/.foo"); 
	- test suite overhaul
	- backslash expansion fixed
	- /[+^$|]/ made less 'special'
	- handle embedded newlines in glob patterns
	- add tests for 'foo[abc]'
	- Many thanks go to Nick Cleaton for finding these

0.04	14th August, 2002
	- $Text::Glob::{strict_leading_dot,strict_wildcard_slash} from
	  bug report from Nick Cleaton
        - (quite poor) documentation of supported globbing constructs

0.03	2nd August, 2002
	- complete work of 0.02 by escaping ) too. bug found by Andy Lester

0.02	29th July, 2002
	- fix handling of ( and ? tokens

0.01	21st July 2002
	- initital release