Revision history for Perl module Text::Levenshtein

0.14 2021-03-24 NEILB
    - Added String::KeyboardDistance to SEE ALSO
    - Added Text::Levenshtein::BV to SEE ALSO
    - Added Text::Levenshtein::Edlib to SEE ALSO
    - Added Text::Levenshtein::Flexible to SEE ALSO

0.13 2015-08-11 NEILB
    - Added Text::Dice to SEE ALSO.
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini, so META.json will be included in
      the release tarball.

0.12 2014-10-26 NEILB
    - Require Unicode::Collate 1.04 or higher. Tests on early Perls were
      failing, most often down to Unicode::Collate 0.52, on Perl 5.8.9.

0.11 2014-10-26 NEILB
    - The first implementation of the ignore_diacritics option was
      very inefficient. It's now at least an order of magnitude faster,
      if calling it multiple times.

0.10 2014-10-24 NEILB

    - Added { ignore_diacritics => 1 } option, which can be passed as the
      last argument to the distance() and fastdistance() subs.
      OALDERS++ for the suggestion in RT#97883.

0.09 2014-04-26 NEILB

    - Added Text::Levenshtein::TestUtils in t/lib/ to make it easy to
      write tests (for different languages).
    - Added Swedish tests in t/20-swedish.t - thanks to Graham Bowers.
    - Moved Russian tests (from MMCLERIC) to t/21-russian.t.
    - Added separate Japanese tests in t/22-japanese.t
      Thanks to Robert Fraser.
    - Added Greek tests in t/23-greek.t - thanks to Wikipedia.

0.08 2014-04-23 NEILB

    - Copy and pasting text from a web page ended up with a UTF-8 dash,
      instead of the hyphen character I assumed was there. RT#94962
    - Added Japanese hiragana test
    - Added some Russian test cases -- thanks to Vyacheslav Matyukhin
    - Another test for UTF-8, in Japanese, from Ben Bullock.

0.07 2014-04-23 NEILB

    - Completely rewrote module, based on the "iterative with two matrix rows"
      version on the Wikipedia page. Added three new testsuites.
    - Use List::Util::min()
    - Drop the '&' before 'fastdistance' in the doc. RT#42535
    - Moved module to lib/Text/
    - Moved to t/01-original.t and changed it to be a proper testsuite
    - Removed META.yml so metadata files will be generated
    - Specified min perl version as 5.6.0
    - Added a bunch of similar modules to the SEE ALSO section
    - Added an explicit COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section in pod
    - Added github repo to pod (and to the metadata)
    - Reformatted Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.06_01 2008-05-14 JGOLDBERG

    - Bugfixes, especially 26134

0.05 2004-07-01 JGOLDBERG

    - Rename distfile for consistency

0.04: 2004-03-06 JGOLDBERG

    - Added several modifications to increase speed
    - Added fastdistance routine when array form can be sacrificed
      for increased speed

0.03 2002-07-28 DREE

   - Changed docs to point to Text::WagnerFischer
     (Thanks to S. Rodighiero and D. Frankowski to point me this)
   - Better initialization of the matrix 

0.02 2002-05-29 DREE

   - Added array support

0.01 2002-05-20 DREE

   - No changes -- initial release