Revision history for Text-SenseClusters-Wikipedia-LabelEvaluation

0.09	Sun Mar 17 20:20:09 CST 2013
		Corrected the documentation styles and added more documents on how to pass various options to this module.
0.08	Thu Mar 07 17:33:37 CST 2013
		Fixed the errors of the previous version. Included more descriptions about the Modules. Added new test cases.
0.07 	Mon Feb 12 18.28:53 CST 2013
		Rearranged the module, included hungarian algorithm for automating the label standard gold key mapping. Added support for using user provided file containing the data about gold standard key. Also,
		fixed couple of bugs from previous release.

0.06 	Mon Dec 24 13.25:49 CST 2012
		Rearranged the directory structure. Added more test cases. Also added code snipet to test each module.

0.05    Sun Dec 2 13:32:41 CST 2012
        Fifth version, added the various input parameters of the program as hash instead of taking all the parameters individually.

0.04    Sun Nov 18 19:28:13 CST 2012
        Fourth version, restructure label evaluation program to have modular structures and added an example of using this module in SYNOPSIS.