Revision history for Text-SimpleVcard

0.01    05.02.2008/10:30
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02    06.02.2008/00:50
        Minor changes in pod-documentation and testsuit
0.03    21.02.2008/13:00
        Minor changes, deleting junk from development, eleminating
	error in 'getSimpleValue' with array-index too large
0.04    Get the module ready for perl 5.10
0.05    20.09.2009
	new method 'getSimpleValueOfType()'
	revision and bugfixing in 'Text::SimpleVproperty'
	Tags can now be decoded as 'Quoted Printable' (tanks to ''). Other formats
       	        can be added on request
        The keyword 'TYPE' is now case insensitive (thanks to 'Bill Stephenson <>')